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You can simply add the latest and improved version 1.4.3 of AMALYZE Chrome Extension to your Chrome browser by clicking on the link below. AMALYZE Chrome Extension is designed for Amazon marketplace merchants, FBA private label retailers, Amazon vendors and Amazon sellers. It allows you to quickly check the indexing of keywords and keyword phrases for your own listings, and makes search intention by potential Amazon users in reference to certain subjects visible in real time on various Amazon marketplaces.


Get data about your search results in the form of widget graphs for: Search volume, Related keywords, Rating, Reviews, Price and Prime.


Quickly and easily check indexing of keywords for Amazon products


Make Amazon customers’ search intentions visible in real time

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Free tool for Amazon

On-page index check

Check headline, bullet points, description, product details and A+/EBC content of an ASIN for indexing

Retrievability to a certain keyword

Check ASINs to your own individual keywords or keyword phrases quickly and easily across marketplaces


Displays most frequently searched keyword combinations associated with your checked keyword

Making search intention visible

The keyword AMALYZER shows colors, sizes, materials, features & much more that Amazon customers are searching for in reference to a particular product

Chrome Extension

AMALYZE Insights from the Chrome Extension

Amazon marketplaces worldwide


The widgets added with version 1.4 allow you to display directly on the (SERP) search result page data and graphs on search volume, related search terms, ratings, reviews, price and prime for the keyword you are looking for. You also have the ability to turn widgets on and off, as well as partially customize graphs, e.g. in terms of time span. The right choice if you need all information at the push of a button.

AMALYZE Index Checker

The new and improved AMALYZE Chrome Extension offers a series of free functions to Amazon marketplace merchants, FBA private label sellers, and vendors.

Using the index checker, you can check directly on the Amazon product detail page to which keywords and to which phrases a respective ASIN ranks or is traceable. With the latest version 1.1.6 you can also do checks across marketplaces!

AMALYZE Chrome Extension_kostenloses Amazon Tool ASIN Onpage Index Check

Keyword Amalyzer

The keyword AMALYZER of our AMALYZE Chrome Extension gives you the keyword combinations that are most frequently searched in reference to your checked keyword. Additionally, our “Keyword Amalyzer” also gives you information on the real search intention of potential Amazon customers and, in just a few seconds, tells you more about which sizes, colors, patterns, materials, or product features are especially important to Amazon customers in their search prior to buying.

AMALYZE Chrome Extension_Keyword AMALYZER make real search intention of Amazon customers visible

AMALYZE Chrome Extension

AMALYZE Chrome Extension is an excellent supplementary tool also for AMALYZE subscribers to display data directly from Amazon in AMALYZE and thereby is the perfect link between AMALYZE Shield and your browser.

Numerous additional functions are planned.

AMALYZE Chrome Extension