Sales Share

Find out how the sales of certain ASINs are distributed. For example, you can see at a glance which variation sells the most.

Find out what sells the most!

The sales share is the perfect tool for sellers and vendors to sort out their own product portfolio and measure SEO success. Here you have the possibility to sort your selected products according to sales share.

Sort out bad-selling and good-selling products, take them out of your portfolio if necessary or find out where you need to optimize. The whole thing works not only on single and parent ASIN level, but also for variations (child ASINs).

Do you already see success with your SEO efforts? How are your competitors doing? Which products have a high sales volume that you should take a look at? All this you can find out with the sales share tool.

Group according to various criteria!

You want to have an overview of the whole? No problem! In the sales distribution you have the possibility to group according to different criteria. You can choose between parent, size, color and brand.

Find out if the majority of all top-selling T-shirts are blue or if Nike shoes currently generate more sales than Adidas shoes. Nike is currently generating the greater sales? Then we group again all Nike shoes by size as well as color.

As you can see, you have the possibility to get an overall view and to see if the sales figures of a group are a general phenomenon or if they have to be optimized in a certain direction.