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Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is part of Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services / AMS).
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Display Campaigns

Target audience on a large scale and reach everywhere

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Target audience on a large scale and reach everywhere

Display Ads

Relevant audiences, custom ad creation, and detailed statistics.


Reach customers on and off Amazon: on desktop and mobile sites, or on Amazon’s various devices.

Display Flexibility

Customers on and off Amazon: reach on desktop and mobile sites or on various devices from Amazon.

Target Group

Create brand impressions and entice customers to buy through a variety of ad formats and options.

AMALYZE - Amazon DSP - Demand-Side-Platform

AMALYZE Insights from Amazon DSP

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What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is part of Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services / AMS).

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) former Amazon Advertising Platform or AAP, is a Demand Side Platform, with which programmatically target groups can be reached.

Customers who have looked at products on Amazon but have not placed them in the shopping basket, are shown the same products in Amazon’s own look & feel again in advertising banners via DSP on subsequent visits to other websites. This can be programmed by strategy either for brand visibility or for more sales.

Amazon DSP

Display campaigns

The Amazon DSP can control display campaigns on Amazon websites and apps as well as on Amazon Publishing Partners and third-party sites.

CPM (Cost-Per-Mille)

Compared to other Amazon Advertising Formats (Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands), DSP campaigns are not billed via CPC (Cost Per Click) but via CPM (Cost Per Mille).

Audiences & Targeting

Through exclusive Amazon first-party data, the ideal target groups for a product or brand can be addressed on Amazon and outside of Amazon. All shopping data collected on Amazon flows anonymously into the real-time targeting segments in order to be able to address the desired target group with relevant campaigns.

Targeting: Demographic, Lifestyle, In-market, Audience look-alikes, Custom, Contextual, Retargeting

Amazon DSP - Targeting

Lifestyle targeting segments

Based on purchases made and reflect target groups such as “premium fashion customers” or “coffee lovers”

In-market targeting segments

Focuses on the customer’s intention to buy, by investigating search behavior and the reputable products

Retargeting segments

Focuses on the brand and products after bounced traffic.

Amazon DSP - In-market Targeting Segmente


Reach customers looking for or browsing specific or similar products


Reach customers who have viewed other specific products of your brand


Customers who bought your products – exclusion tool

Amazon DSP - Retargeting Segmente


The advertising of the campaigns takes place both on Amazon’s own pages and apps (, IMDb) as well as on leading publisher sites via the direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and third party ad exchanges.


Amazon uses proprietary and third-party solutions, including manual page scoring and bid comparison in real time, to ensure quality standards and brand safety.