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Product research with AMALYZE Shield on five European Amazon marketplaces


Product Research

Be honest: How many ASINs would you like to have in your tool for Amazon for an analysis of your products? Or to search for new FBA ideas or interesting merchandise during an product research for Amazon? Only the Top Sellers on Amazon? Or also the newcomers ASINs, which have just started and still represent early trends that can be used as orientation? If you had one wish, you would of course say: “I’d love all of them”. – Well, that’s exactly how we see it. The product research function is part of the Research Module in Shield.

It is our aim to make all listed products, which can be found by customers on Amazon in a product search for at least one keyword, evaluable via our Shield database – currently on each of the five major European Amazon marketplaces.

The product research in the AMALYZE database opens up completely new possibilities for you in view of our huge, constantly growing database and makes the search for interesting products on Amazon almost a walk in the park through the use of our various filter options. Within a very short time after the new listing of ASINs, we will include them in Shield across all marketplaces as soon as they become visible to customers on Amazon, so that you can confidently put the topic “I can’t find a certain product while doing my product research on Amazon” to one side.

And best of all: For every kind of product research you can combine the AMALYZE Shield filters as you like, save them and compile all tables in the way you would like them to be for the product search.

Available Marketplaces

Gigantic Database

We have all the ASINs you need. What we don’t have, you don’t need either.

Constantly New Products Visible

Hourly addition of 50,000+ new ASINs from Amazon

Visible Amazon Sellers

Tracking Over 900,000 Sellers & Vendors on Amazon

Brands in product research for Amazon

Results for all products of a brand visible to the end customer on Amazon are shown via brand search in the AMALYZE product research. To the extent an ASIN ranks at least to one keyword tracked by Shield, it shows up in a brand search (in our Brand Analyses you will find all KPIs of an entire brands on Amazon summarized in one place).

The search for brands in Shield can be combined with any other filter in the product research and is an extremely powerful application. Which ASINs of a brand are sold via Prime? Which sellers offer the brand at all and who owns the Buyboxes? How many and which products of one or more brands are actually listed in a certain Amazon main or sub category? These and other queries are no problem with AMALYZE Shield.

Amalyze product research Amazon_brands and Buybox query

Keywords & Organic Visibility of Products on Amazon

If ASINs are shown in AMALYZE Shield Rroduct Research, users not only see headlines and previews of the respective products on Amazon already in the first research level, but also the number of keywords to which the ASIN ranks within the top 100 search results, the resulting search position, and an index value for organic visibility, the AMASCORE (AS).

The AS value is calculated from numerous metrics and, simply put, makes the organic visibility between ASINs completely transparent and comparable. Cumulative search volume of keywords of an ASIN that rank in the top 100 are also displayed as (gross) visibility in the overlay.

Amazon Product_Research_AMALYZE organic visibility, keywords, position, fade-ins

Prices, Amazon Prime and BSR

Through combination and multiple application of text, number, and true/false filters, you can formulate extremely sophisticated searches for the database in the Shield interface for product research. An example? Of course:

Show me all non-Prime products on with a target market of women of brands A, B, C – X which are associated with “tennis” in the headline but are not “tennis rackets” and are in the price range of 29 – 249 bucks. Then limit results to only ASINs of products that had a BSR of 500 or better in the most recent AMALYZE data search in their respective subcategory.

Even new users can formulate such an Amazon product research query after onboarding via our free online training program in less than five minutes and start their analysis.

Amazon tool AMALYZE Shield_Product_Research_Brand_Filters, Price_Filters, Prime_Filters

Amazon Reviews and Ratings

Display of number of reviews and the Amazon rating  is standard in the results for an ASIN or brand search in a tool for Amazon. However, what is new in AMALYZE Shield is that not only the overall rating that customers see is displayed, but also the difference of the rating on the product detail page (PDP) in relation to the overall rating.

A bad PDP rating can be a bad conversion killer under certain circumstances and the AMALYZE user can see at a glance whether the PDP ratings will make the “first impression” bad compared to the overall picture of the rating distribution or not.

Amazon product research with AMALYZE Shield_Envaluations investigate_lr

Determining the Age of ASINs

A simple but very useful function for the product research on Amazon is the determination of the “age” of an ASIN, i.e. AMALYZE Shield indicates when the corresponding product has been available on the marketplace investigated. Newcomer products can thus be easily identified and, of course, this can also be combined with a specific title content, a main or subcategory view or related to a specific brand.

Simply build the filters you need for a strategic view of “your” market niche, save them and run them from time to time. In this way, possible competing products are quickly identified. Knowledge is power.

amazon research tool amalyze_availability_date investigate age of ASINs

Want more information on AMALYZE Shield?

If you think it all sounds pretty cool, wait until you see the features and functions in our product analysis. With AMALYZE Shield you get a detailed analysis for each ASIN regarding rankings, keyword distribution, BSR, buybox, prices, competitors, variants and ratings.

AMALYZE Shield live webinars

If you like, you can watch all features and functions of AMALYZE Shield in a compact and free webinar and ask our moderators questions. We will be happy to show you everything we have to offer so that you can choose the right tool for Amazon.