AMALYZE Shield: Set Notifications for Products on Amazon

Track changes on content, pricing, Buybox, ratings and reviews with AMALYZE Shield



Since AMALYZE Shield Release 0.3.0 you can set notifications to any products on Amazon available in our database in your tool for Amazon. As soon as we detect changes to the ASINs you have defined, you’ll know about them, and very soon – not after weeks, by a stupid coincidence, if your sales collapse as maybe before, or sometimes not at all. Shield Notifications are an extremely powerful tool for your daily routine of your business on Amazon.
The notification function is part of the Research Module in Shield.

Set Notifications on Products

Notifications can be created in Shield at any place where ASINs are displayed in a result table, i.e. in the product research, the rankings for a keyword, the competitor lists for an ASIN and also in all ASIN detail views. The creation of notifications for products on Amazon is very simple and also possible in bulk. Just tell us what you want us to notify you about from now on. Currently, you can choose from the following options:

  • Changes to the Content
  • Changes regarding Buybox & offer
  • Changes regarding Reviews

All notifications can be modified, extended to other users or deactivated at any time later in the overview or in the settings.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Allocate Notifications to Amazon Products

Notification Overview

The overview view of the notifications is your central point of contact for all changes that we have recorded for you so far. As in the inventory overview, we have also prepared a top-down type filter for you at the top, which will change your result table to the desired information with just one click at the bottom. Of course, this can also be anchored to your dashboard; good for your daily routine overview.

Within the results table, you can set and save more filters, in a specific way, a specific brand, down to a single ASIN. All the changes you need to see in a few seconds on the silver platter and finally a sound information base for your business on Amazon.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Set Filters on Changes

Show Category Changes

Hardly anything can have such fatal effects on your rankings as a category change to the wrong category that doesn’t match your product (or vice versa) – especially if this change may take place completely without your intervention and as a result collapses your visibility because your content in the new category develops much less power.

The former can happen again and again. But not noticing it for days or weeks is simply completely out of the question and certainly not conducive to your sales. AMALYZE Shield will now finally put an end to this and give you back complete control over your portfolio. We show you all category changes. All you have to do is set a notification.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Evaluate Category Changes

Monitor Content Changes

If the content of one of your products changes, this will most likely affect the visibility of your product. Or the correct presentation of your brand on the Amazon marketplace. So that you don’t have to stay in the dark when this happens, you will get all text changes regarding headlines and bulletpoints captured by us.

It doesn’t matter whether the number of characters there increases, decreases or the number of characters remains the same, but the content changes: As soon as we notice any changes there, they will appear in your overview table and will be displayed to you with dot and comma precision. Content monitoring has never been so easy.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Evaluate Content Changes

Trace Price Changes

Monitoring sales prices on Amazon, whether for your own products, competing with other ASIN providers or competing branded products, is one of the most basic homework tasks that has become mandatory in e-commerce.

With the help of the notifications on the prices of selected ASINs, you can now map this task much more easily. If something becomes more expensive or cheaper here, you will know promptly. The nice thing about it is that you can also see at the same time whether previously unavailable products (without price indication) participate again in the market, because we have recorded the new selling price.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Evaluate Changes on Pricing

Changes on Product Main Images

As soon as we discover that the main image of one of your ASINs has changed, Shield can notify you if you have given us instructions to do so. Since the main image is an essential part of your product presentation to the customer on Amazon, you won’t experience any surprises in the future if changes are made here without your own help.

Of course, vendors will also keep an eye on the listing in case they play out seller content that the brand manufacturer might not want to have there. As a client of a content team or an agency, you can also use this function to keep an eye on your staff or service provider and stay well-informed at all times.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Evaluate Changes on Main Pictures

Track Buybox Changes

If the Buybox changes in the competition for an ASIN with other sellers on Amazon and this does not end up with you, but with a competitor, then you most likely make less turnover at the end of the day. In your brand or seller analysis we give you the overall picture of this development. Here you can see for each individual Amazon product who took the Buybox away from you, when and from whom you conquered it.

A pleasant side effect of monitoring your Buyboxes through the notifications in AMALYZE Shield is that you also notice when ASINs no longer have any Buyboxes at all, because Amazon has just issued none more. A few more Low-Hanging Fruits that you just have to collect.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Evaluate Changes on Buybox and Pricing

Changes on Parent ASINs

Especially for Amazon vendors (sometimes also for sellers) it is a constant nuisance when selling and branding on the Amazon marketplace, if without any apparent reason parents are dissolved, or product variants are assigned to other or new parents without any fault on their part and without warning.

So that you keep full control here and get this on your screen early on, you can now have your tool for Amazon notify you when this happens – because who has fun with such imponderables?

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Evaluate Changes on Parent ASINs

Follow Changes on Basic Product Price

For certain product groups, basic price information in e-commerce, and thus of course also on Amazon, is legally obligatory. But what happens if the basic price of an ASIN that you offer or co-offer changes without you even knowing about it?

With Shield you can now cushion this problem much better, because as soon as we hear about a change here, we can inform you about it – you simply set up the corresponding notifications and your information becomes much more extensive.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Evaluate Basic Price

Track Product Reviews & Ratings

If the number of reviews or the rating of one of your ASINs changes, you’d better know what’s going on. Since the rating of your products on Amazon can also change without increasing or decreasing the number of reviews (the weighting of individual ratings over time and thus their influence on the overall rating is constantly recalculated by Amazon), we always record both parameters for you.

Simply create this type of notification on your ASINs and as soon as we have recorded changes here, we will inform you immediately.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Evaluate Reviews and Ratings

FAQs and How-To’s about Notifications:

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