Significant terms

What are the most important and frequently used terms by customers on Amazon?

The most important terms directly from customers on Amazon!

With the tool “significant terms” you can find individual words, which are searched the most by customers on Amazon. Specifically, you can enter a search term and then all relevant keywords are divided into individual words and sorted by frequency.

Therefore, you will find all relevant terms and words that make up the most relevant keywords. You can use these words to optimize your listings or to place advertisements.

Forward & backward search for the significant terms!

You will find all the significant words in the word cloud, and now it’s time to refine the search so that you only find the most relevant terms. Individual words that do not match your product can be easily excluded from the search.

Starting from a very broad approach, the result can be refined further and further by simply excluding unsuitable words until it fits your product.

Advanced search with our expert filters!

In Shield 2, you decide which filter view you want to see. You can switch between the three modes Simple, Advanced and Expert to find your workflow with Shield 2. But what does that do for you?

Very simple: The operation in the simple mode is very easy, but in the advanced and expert mode you can filter much more granular and thus find more accurate results. This way we want to make the start easier for you, but also give you the opportunity to work more effectively with our tool in the future!

Find keyword phrases, analyze related terms & entities!

Found the important terms, but how do I find the keyword phrases now? By linking the individual functions, you can easily apply your search in the important terms to the database and therefore get the relevant phrases for the terms. You can find more information about the database here:

But how does the customer search for certain target groups, properties, colors or sizes? Which words are used here? With our entities you can analyze exactly these search intentions:

Now you know the significant terms, but are there any other relevant terms? With the tool of related terms you can find exactly other terms to your search and thus analyze other relevant areas:

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