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Analyze keyword rankings on Amazon, competitors, variants, BSR, Buybox & prices, organic visibility, and evaluate reviews with AMALYZE 


Product Analysis for Amazon

Here you can learn all the details about the possibilities of analyzing and visualizing important KPIs of your products on Amazon or those of your competitors on the five major European Amazon marketplaces with AMALYZE Shield, our tool for Amazon: Everything from A like AMASCORE, our organic visibility index for products on Amazon, to K like keyword rankings of products on Amazon and P like price monitoring, to V like variations in terms of performance and key figures. Here comes the deep dive into all ASIN data, which you as Seller or Vendor on Amazon have always wanted.
The product analysis function is part of our Research Module in Shield.

Display of Keyword Distribution

To review the keyword rankings of an ASIN, AMALYZE produces a graphic summary of all keywords in reference to their search positions in a search on Amazon. In this manner, you can easily and quickly determine with how many keywords an ASIN is in the top positions and what the ranking distribution looks like overall.

Results of SEO measures for Amazon can be traced both via a graphic analysis as well as via an additional results table. All graphic values are presented by number of ranking keywords to the respective ASIN per search position again in table format.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_ASIN Keywordrankings Positions-Distribution

An additional view in the keyword distribution of an ASIN shows to how many keywords the product ranks on the respective “search pages”. The goal, of course, is that the ASIN is found by customers on Amazon to as many keywords as possible on the first page of SERPs on Amazon.

The distribution of disoverability to keywords tracked by AMALYZE Shield per Amazon search page is also shown in table format below the graphic analysis as is the number of keywords per position. All users thus get a quick overview of the keyword performance of their products.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_ASIN Keywordrankings Seitendistribution

Distribution of Keyword Winners and Losers

Keyword tracking and monitoring of rankings is a big topic and AMALZYE Shield delivers numerous options for keeping an eye on keyword performance. Keyword positions are displayed up to a maximum of position 100. The graphic analysis shows new keywords and keywords that have moved up in position in the search results since the prior measurement in relation to keywords that evidence a negative trend.

Keywords moving up or down can be selectively displayed in the keyword list and then appear below the keyword chart in a table. A new feature in Shield is that sellers and vendors on Amazon can see which keywords are no longer in the top 100 positions.

Amazon Tool für Keywordüberwachung_AMALYZE

Keyword Rankings & Sales Probability

Within the keyword table, additional filters can be applied. Do you want to know if your ASIN already appears at a certain position to a specific keyword phrase? How often a particular word is contained within the keywords to which an ASIN ranks? With which search terms specifically you or your competitors are already in top positions? Are you already in the top 5 positions on Amazon? For AMALYZE Shield, answers to these questions are no problem.

By the way: if you have ever wondered via which keywords it is most likely that an ASIN generates revenue, then simply sort the revenue column in the keyword table in descending order and take a look at the terms. In combination with the search volume that is also displayed there, you will most certainly be able to gain insights regarding your SEO for Amazon.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_Keyword Rankings von ASINs nach Suchposition und Umsatzwahrscheinlichkeit

Number of Keywords vs. Average Position

The number of keywords to which a product ranks is only half the story. It is important to be discoverable by Amazon users to as many relevant keywords as possible. If an ASIN ranks to many keywords but on average in very low positions, it can be surpassed by competitors, even if these rank to fewer keywords but in top positions and thereby drive sales.

AMALYZE Shield therefore provides a combined chart which shows the number of keywords and the average position generated by them over time. With the help of this chart, the development of the quality and quantity of the ranking can be easily and quickly determined.

Amazon Keyword Rankings sicht bar machen in AMALYZE Shield

Make Word Frequencies Visible for Amazon Keyword Rankings

What is the structure of the content of my ASIN that Amazon already “understands”? And: How do I structure my content so that as many relevant keyword combinations as possible refer to my product from the A9 algorithm? Without this information, it is difficult to impossible to achieve an efficient SEO that does not rely on “intuition” but is supported by facts.

Therefore, AMALYZE Shield shows you the word freqency within all keywords to which an ASIN ranks and makes the frequency of two to five-word combinations visible in a keyword cloud (and also in a table). For many users, this has become an indispensable tool.

Amazon SEO Keyword Wort-Häufigkeiten in AMALYZE Shield sichtbar machen

Identify and Analyze Competitors

Depending on how well an ASIN already ranks on Amazon, a look at the AMALYZE competitor analysis is a reason for some retailers on Amazon to be happy, for other sellers it may be sobering at first. In any case, it is a blunt look at the bare facts: “My competitors are dealers A, B and C”. No, they’re not. Your competitors are the ASINs who fight for the same keyword positions on “your” Amazon marketplace as your own Amazon Vendor, Prime or FBA products. And AMALYZE Shield shows you the top 100.

Here you can see who has a better BSR than your product, who you have already overtaken in terms of organic visibility, who perhaps has an even better rating and which product has been competing with you here since when – all cleanly prepared for you.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_Identify and monitor competitors of Amazon products

All Child Products Always in View

How can I find out which of my child ASINs or those of other sellers in “my” market segment has developed best? Which ones have a better organic visibility, which ones do you have to work on? What do the BSR values look like and which seller holds the Buybox for which variants at which price? Which variants of an Parent ASIN on Amazon are available via Prime? All or only some of them?

In the variations view, AMALYZE Shield breaks down all this data for you and makes it easy and simple to see at a glance how an child product on Amazon develops overall. And, of course, up to 16 different filters can be set within the variations table for even finer results.

AMALYZE Tool for Amazon_Variants KPIs and Evaluation at a Glance

Analyze Amazon Bestseller Rank (BSR)

AMALYZE Shield is always up to date with regard to all BSR values of an ASIN in all main or subcategories visible to customers on Amazon (If your BSR values for very recent ASINs are not displayed yet, simply connect your MWS interface with Shield and we measure the BSR every four hours, regardless of to how many keywords the ASIN ranks).

A well-organized graphic shows you the BSR development over time and will also show you if Amazon has moved your ASIN into another subcategory (or something has changed in the Amazon browse tree). Below the chart is a convenient table view of all values with highest, lowest, and average values. Everything is prepared for further analyses or your reporting.

Amazon BSR Tool_BSR Tracking with AMALYZE Shield

Display of Bestseller Badges

If a product in a subcategory gets a bestseller badge from Amazon, AMALYZE Shield records it. So you can read on a daily basis in our tool for Amazon if and when a certain ASIN had a BSR badge and for how long. This of course makes it possible, in the course of SEO measures, ad placements or other product marketing, to track whether and how often an ASIN is or was at the top of the bestseller list on Amazon, or has lost it!

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_Bestseller Badge Evaluation over time

Amazon Buybox and Price Monitoring

The information as to which seller on Amazon wins, keeps, or loses a buy box and at what price is quite essential, and without seamless price and buy box monitoring, a tool for Amazon sellers or vendors is simply not complete. AMALYZE Shield is in a position to make this monitoring available for longer periods of time on an hourly basis – for shorter periods of time even on a minute basis!

Interesting secondary aspect: even if a seller is the sole provider of an ASIN (or in the case of FBA/FBM multiple SKUs), buy box losses often occur for unseen reasons and Shield can make this constant non-ownership of a buy box visible with just a few clicks. A table view with all numerical values (highest price, average price, and lowest price per merchant) makes this function complete.

Amazon Buybox and price monitoring_Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield

Keep an Eye on Reviews & Ratings

Should the number of ratings and/or the average star rating change, AMALYZE will also show this in very short order. In the chart for Amazon reviews and ratings analysis, you can track over time how these values have developed for your products or those of your competitors.

In the future, you will be able to set up an alert for such a change so you don’t have to look at every chart to see what is going on in your portfolio.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_Review development and ratings make visible

Looking for more insights about Amazon?

If you would like to know which insights AMALYZE Shield has for Amazon in store for you on a keyword level, then this might also be something of interest to you: research keywords (also across multiple marketplaces) on Amazon, make price levels visible on Amazon in keyword niches, determine buying power of keywords and much more.

AMALYZE Shield live presentation

Did you know that we provide free live webinars at regular intervals for interested Amazon merchants and AMALYZE users during which we show you the entire Tool and all functions so that you can work the user interface with confidence? Be our guest and attend one of our training sessions and we will be happy to show you more.