AMALYZE Shield: Link MWS Interface

Link your Amazon Seller Central with AMALYZE Shield.


Linking of Seller Central with Shield

So that you can use the current and future functions of our Inventory Module it is possible (and necessary) to connect your MWS interface with Shield. Currently you can signal us as Amazon Seller: Please query the BSR of my ASINs permanently at high frequency and give me a complete overview of my seller inventory (which is of course only visible for you, otherwise for nobody). With higher Shield Releases more functions will be activated here.

Link Seller Central with Shield

AMALYZE Shield offers you as an Amazon Seller (MWS interface is only available for sellers) a connection to our system. This has a very decisive advantage: Since we constantly collect and check billions of data records, the monitored ASINs should have a minimum ranking of more than 175 keywords. Normally, this value is reached within a few weeks or even within a few days after the listing. Until then, however, we do not track any BSR.

If you release your VAT data to us, we will get the bestseller rank of all your products every four hours. Nothing more. So you can observe the BSR from the beginning with newly listed ASINs or with those, which do not rank yet so well. Amazon agencies can of course link more than one account with Shield.

Link Amazon Seller Central to Shield

Link MWS Interface: Instructions

The complete instructions on how to link your MWS interface with Shield can be found under INVENTORY -> Settings -> accounts. Just follow the illustrated steps, get your authorization token from Amazon, and enter your seller ID and token into Shield. That’s all that’s to it, and this is also not a required connection.

From that moment on, Shield monitors the BSR of all your Amazon products, regardless of to how many keywords they rank. If you have any questions, please contact our Support via the Support Chat in the Shield user interface or via email: Contact AMALYZE Support via email.

Link Amazon Seller Central to Shield

Need further information on AMALYZE Shield?

If you want to know what you will find in your inventory after connecting your Seller Central to Shield, just follow the link and we will show you what data you can filter there in the future.

AMALYZE Shield live presentation

Would you like to see the entire AMALYZE Tool for Amazon in action from the inside without strings attached, be guided through all basic functions and have the opportunity to ask questions? No problem: simply participate in one of our free live webinars. Follow the link to the dates.