Which colors, brands or features do customers on Amazon search for in connection with a search term?

Analyze customers’ search behavior!

Whether it’s language habits or dialects, new words or anglicisms, there are many factors that influence customers’ search habits on Amazon. Knowing all the words and keyword phrases involved seems almost impossible, but with our Entity Tool, it’s easy.

Which colors, brands or features do customers search for in connection with a keyword? Entities help you understand exactly how customers search in the Amazon marketplace. The entities tool in AMALYZE Shield 2 automatically groups your keywords according to various criteria, such as target groups, genders, professions, animals, colors, sizes, numbers, body parts, materials, etc.

Quite simply exclude individual words and get the relevant entities!

You will find all the important words in the individual groupings and now it is time to refine the search so that you can analyze only the most relevant entities. Individual words in the entities that do not fit your product or do not meet your expectations can be easily excluded from the search.

On the other hand, words can easily be included in the search. Starting from a very broad approach, the result can be refined by simply excluding unsuitable words until it fits your product or corresponds to your ideas.

The entities help you to get to know all the language habits of the customers and to use them for your business on Amazon. Start today to optimize your SEO and your campaigns for Amazon.

Advanced search with our expert filters!

In Shield 2, you decide which filter view you want to see. You can switch between the three modes Simple, Advanced and Expert to find your workflow with Shield 2. But what does this do for you?

Very simple: The operation in the simple mode is very easy, but in the advanced and expert mode you can filter much more granular and therefore find more accurate results. This way we want to make the start easier for you, but also give you the possibility to work more effectively with our tool in the future!

Find keyword phrases, related & significant terms!

Found the important terms, but now how do I find the keyword phrases? By linking the individual functions, you can easily apply your search in the important terms to the database and thus get the relevant phrases for the terms. You can find more information about the database here:

  • Keywords database

What are the relevant search terms? Which relevant terms do Amazon customers search for and how often do these terms occur?

  • Significant terms

Now you know the important terms, but are there any other terms? With the tool of the related terms you can find exactly further terms to your search and analyze thus further relevant ranges:

  • Related terms

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