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Find, subscribe to and evaluate Amazon seller and brand analyses in Shield



The Amazon business is fast, sometimes very trend and season driven, forgiving hardly any mistakes and if these are discovered by chance, it takes enormous effort to correct them. If you, as an Amazon seller or brand owner, even notice that something is going wrong, the search for “Why?” With the introduction of the analyses, AMALYZE Shield makes the five European Amazon marketplaces,,, and much more transparent.
The analysis functions are part of the Analytics Module in Shield.

In our Analytics Module, we prepare a large amount of data and KPIs and automatically compile them in the form of seller analyses or brand analyses. The database goes back to April 2019 and is updated daily. Users of AMALYZE Shield, the tool for Amazon, can search Europe-wide for over 900,000 Amazon sellers and over 7,000,000 Amazon brands and subscribe to the corresponding analyses with one click.

New brands on Amazon and new Amazon sellers are automatically included by Shield as soon as they appear and then permanently processed in the analyses.

Depending on your taste, as a seller, Amazon vendor or brand owner you can either view the required analyses online in AMALYZE Shield or order a PDF version by e-mail for a daily update. This way you will always be optimally informed. From now on there are no more guessing games: All KPIs for your brand(s) or your Amazon Seller account can now be found at a glance in your Amazon tool.

Available Marketplaces

Dynamic Database

New sellers and brands are added automatically

Search Across Marketplaces

Identify Amazon sellers and brands on 5 European marketplaces

Easiest Subscription Management

View analyses online and receive updates conveniently by e-mail

Search for Amazon Sellers and Brands

So far, the analysis module in Shield offers the possibility to search for Amazon sellers and brands that are sold on Amazon. As in the product or keyword search, the existing database can be searched for the name of the brand or seller using a free text entry, or further restricted using 15 additional filters. Of course, filters can also be combined and saved as usual.

Tools for Amazon Shield_Search for multiple brand analyses

Quick Comparison of Amazon Brands or Sellers

Which of the sellers you are looking for offers more ASINs on the respective marketplace? How does the prime share or the average BSR of one seller develop in comparison to another? Which brand has a higher organic visibility in a particular marketplace compared to your brand? Which one gets on average more ratings and where are the ratings better? For which brands is the average price of the visible portfolio higher, and which sellers have more products in comparison that have a choice badge or a BSR badge and how does the whole thing develop?

Amazon Shield Amazon Tool_Amazon Seller and Brand Key Figures Comparison

Simple Subscription & Recipient Management

As the data of the analyses in AMALYZE Shield are collected automatically and continuously, a simple click on the name of the seller or the brand is enough to activate the subscription of the analysis for you. Of course, all the analyses already subscribed to can be quickly brought into view for you by means of a Yes/No filter, so that you have them immediately at hand. From there it goes on to the analysis overview. Depending on the AMALYZE tariff, the number of subscribable analyses can vary for you as a user.

Amazon Tool Shield_Amazon Seller Subscribe Anaylse

If you wish, we can also send the daily updates to several recipients in your AMALYZE account. So if you work in a larger Amazon team, you can also send your colleagues the Amazon seller analyses or brand analyses you have subscribed to via Shield. The administration of the distribution list is very simple: Open the action button, edit the recipient, save the settings – done.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE Shield_Seller and brand analysis Add or unsubscribe recipients

Analysis Limits Always in View

So that you always have an overview of how many subscriptions you can still set on analyses (or portfolios) when working with the analyses, you can find the limits in the new speedometer display introduced with Shield Release 0.3.0 in the top right corner of our Shield Tool for Amazon. If you unsubscribe (or archive portfolios), new resources will become available for you to use elsewhere.

AMALYZE Brands and Seller Analytics_Portfolio Limits Display

More on seller and brand analyses?

Here you will find detailed information about the brand and seller analyses in AMALYZE Shield, the tool for five European Amazon marketplaces. Let us show you what our analyses of sellers and brands look like from the inside and how they will help you in your Amazon business.

AMALYZE Shield Live Demonstration

You want to see the whole AMALYZE tool for Amazon in action from the inside without further obligations, let yourself be guided through all basic functions and ask questions? No problem: Just take part in a free live webinar. Follow the link to the dates now.