AMALYZE Shield: Keyword Analysis for Amazon

Keyword niches and display of product rankings on Amazon to respective keywords with AMALYZE


Keyword Analysis

If you click on a keyword in the results of the keyword search, you will find a niche analysis of the keyword for all keyword search results in AMALYZE Shield and always the top 100 products on Amazon ranked on the marketplace in question. If there are less than 100 products for the keyword on Amazon, the list of ASINs is of course correspondingly shorter. To make a long story short: Here you get a complete evaluation of all relevant ASINs that are available in the corresponding keyword niche, which is nowhere else available in this form. The keyword analysis function is available in the Research Module of Shield.

Evaluate Search Volume & Product Categories

When you click on the keyword research results of an Amazon keyword, you first get to the general view for the historical search volume. The Tool shows you all main and subcategories in which the top 100 ASINs to the keyword are listed.

The most relevant Amazon main category for the respective keyword or keyword combination is indicated at the very top, the rest follows in descending order. Additionally, Shield shows all current Amazon subcategories for every keyword in which the products may be listed. For the subject SEO for Amazon, this information is of great use, since the organic visibility of products depends on whether they are located in the appropriate subcategory.

AMALYZE Keyword Research_Search volume and categories

Amazon Customer Filters

All filters that customers on Amazon may select after display of the SERPs are also included in AMALYZE Shield: subscription and shipping options, important brands, preselection of significant product features such as colors, sizes, etc., as well as filters for international shipping, Amazon Global Store, and, of course, the ratings.

If new or additional customer filters for keywords appear, these are also automatically incorporated into AMALYZE Shield. The information presented is adjusted accordingly so that merchants and vendors on Amazon always know what is happening on the Amazon Marketplace.

AMALYZE keyword research on Amazon_Filter

Evaluation of Amazon SERPs

The list of search results gives you the latest search position of the top 100 ranked ASINs to the respective keyword as determined by AMALYZE Shield in descending order and also takes into consideration ASINs that appear as SPAs in the organic search results. The order of the products (and number of SPA slots) is determined from the mobile view when shopping on Amazon since more than 70% of the traffic on Amazon is done via smartphones.

In addition to the ranking, image preview, and ASINs themselves with headline, you, as AMALYZE user, have 13 KPIs for Amazon available for further analysis, including price, Prime availability, number of reviews and rating, AMASCORE as index for organic visibility of ASINs and the most recently determined Buybox owner.

Amazon SERPs_Amazon Tool AMALYZE, Search results for keywords

Need more information on AMALYZE Shield?

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