AMALYZE Shield: Individual Portfolios
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Keep total overview of your freely combinable ASINs or product groups



Since AMALYZE Shield Release 0.3.0 you can use your tool for Amazon to create static or dynamic portfolios of individually selected ASINs or ASINs, which are displayed as a result of a filter query. This gives you a complete picture of all Amazon KPIs available in Shield – for a specific project, the launch of a new product group, as a data basis for you as an Amazon seller, vendor or Amazon agency. The Portfolio function is part of the Portfolio module in Shield.

Compose ASIN Portfolios Individually

Portfolios can be created in Shield from any place where ASINs are displayed in a result table, i.e. in the product research, the rankings for a keyword, the competitor lists for an ASIN and also in all detailed views of a single ASIN. Adding specific Amazon products to a new or existing portfolio is very easy (and is explained in the FAQs below).

This way, you can put together certain product groups individually: Your competitors in a certain market segment, interesting target products for possible new FBA ideas or when launching a new product line or the next summer or winter collection. This will give you a complete overview of everything that is going on here and you are safe from surprises.

AMALYZE Shield Amazon Tool_ASINs auswählen für dynamisches Portfolio

The evaluation possibilities of portfolios are structured identically to our Amazon Brand Analyses and provide you with the following details:

  • The development related to the number of ASINs,
    ASIN types and the Prime status
  • The development of the ∅ BSR, number of Buyboxes,
    number of bestsellers and ∅ price in portfolio
  • The number of different sellers related
    on the Buybox offering the portfolio
  • The development related to ASINs with subscription,
    Plus products and promotions
  • The development related to the ∅ rating and the
    average number of reviews in the portfolio
  • The development related to number of keywords,
    on which the portfolio ASINs rank and their ∅ ranking position
  • The development relative to the average and the
    number of Choice Badges of the ASINs in the portfolio
  • The development of overall organic visibility
    of the complete portfolio
AMALYZE Shield_Einzel Portfolio Übersicht_Alle Amazon KPIs im Blick

Static Portfolios

You want to keep track of hand-selected ASINs, one (or more) parent/child combination(s), a smaller product group in terms of colour, dimensions, or another combination of ASINs with certain product characteristics? You want to be able to add new products to an existing portfolio at any time and actively maintain it?

Then the static portfolios in AMALYZE Shield are just right for you. You are in control of your selection of ASINs from the product research result tables or the top 100 search results for a keyword. Daily updates via email allow you to follow the development of all KPIs of these products quickly and easily.

AMALYZE Shield_Statisches Portfolio erzeugen über Produkt Recherche Modul

Dynamic Portfolios

When monitoring portfolios, you don’t want to have to worry about additional ASINs being added to your selection? No problem, we can take care of that for you. Simply define your criteria using the filters in the AMALYZE Shield Research module. If you’re satisfied, we’ll create a dynamic portfolio from it, and the job is done.

If we discover more Amazon products that match your selection, we will automatically transfer these ASINs to your portfolio. This way your portfolio grows or shrinks dynamically and will always contain the products you are really interested in: All ASINs that are new in a subcategory, with a certain price, certain keywords in the headline or from a certain brand? Small thing. So what used to cost you an incredible amount of time and nerves, you can now do in a few minutes. That is exactly what we are here for.

AMALYZE Shield Amazon Tool_Dynamisches Portfolio anlegen

Find Portfolios & Compare Quickly

You can filter all your portfolios in Shield by marketplace, portfolio status or KPIs, search by name and of course manage them individually.

Already in the result list of your portfolios, you get a quick overview of all important KPIs and can compare the most important key figures of several portfolios within seconds. How does the visibility rate, the average BSR, the buybox rate or the topic valuations develop in the last days of portfolio A compared to portfolio B and C? Has a competitor listed a lot of new ASINs in “your” market segment in the last few days? Does the number of keywords to which your portfolio ranks on average suddenly collapse for no apparent reason? In the overview list of your portfolios you will get the answer immediately, and from there you can enter the individual shield portfolios.

AMALYZE Shield Portfolio Übersicht_Schnellcheck von Amazon KPIs in Portfolios

Receive Portfolio Updates by e-mail as PDF

You don’t want to log into Shield all the time, maybe you just prefer to have a PDF or paper in your hand? We have of course taken this into account. On request, we’ll send you a daily status update on the development of your portfolios to your AMALYZE Shield email address – or to your colleagues’ email addresses if you work with our tool for Amazon.

The administration for sending PDF updates is very simple and done in a few seconds. From now on, all important information about your portfolios will be sent exactly where you want them to be. Especially for teams working in a large company or remotely, this is a great thing.

AMALYZE Shield Empfänger für PDF Updates verwalten

Manage and Archive Portfolios

Depending on which AMALYZE subscription or which Add-On tariffs you currently have active, the number of portfolios that can be created varies. You can always see the current limits by clicking on the tachometer symbol in the upper right corner of your Shield interface. If you no longer need portfolios, you can also pause or archive them using the action button in the list view of all your portfolios. Paused portfolios can be reactivated at any time in the same way. Archived portfolios remain permanently deactivated and can no longer be activated!

Each archived portfolio creates room for new tasks and challenges within the limits. If you don’t want to do without your portfolios anymore, you will also have the possibility to increase your limits and book add-ons in one of the next shield releases. Our former Toolbox users currently receive two portfolios (and five analyses for free) from us.

AMALYZE Shield Portfolios verwalten_Tools für Amazon

Evaluate Portfolio Details

If you click on an active portfolio in the overview list of all your portfolios, you will be taken to the corresponding portfolio overview. Here we have compiled all KPIs relevant for this portfolio in a freely configurable tile view.

Via the vertical navigation (or a click on the tiles) of the portfolio overview, you can access the detailed evaluation of all KPIs of this portfolio and the individual charts. In the current 17 sections, we serve you all the data on the silver tablet that you need to know about the ASINs in the portfolio and will help you to be a few steps ahead of your competition on Amazon. The detailed evaluation of the portfolios is identical to our Brand Analysis and all charts are explained here.

AMALYZE Shield Portfolio Auswertung_Portfolio Details

FAQs and How-To’s about Portfolios:

Evaluate Entire Brands on Amazon?

If you want to know how AMALYZE Shield can help you evaluate entire brands on Amazon or entire Amazon seller portfolios in a complete analysis at a glance, we will be happy to show you even more of our features and functions to make your daily Amazon business easier.

AMALYZE Shield Live Demonstration

You want to see the whole AMALYZE tool for Amazon in action from the inside without further obligations, let yourself be guided through all basic functions and ask questions to our experts? No problem: Just take part in one of our free live webinars. Follow the link to the dates now.