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Keyword research with AMALYZE on five European marketplaces


Keyword Research

Keywords are the linchpin for everything on Amazon. Every search for a product starts with a keyword search in the world’s largest product search engine for Amazon users who are willing to buy. We monitor them all for you. In the AMALYZE Shield database you can currently find almost 69 million meaningful keywords or keyword phrases from the five major European Amazon marketplaces and from now on you can access them at any time and analyse them down to the last detail.
The keyword research function is part of the Research Module in Shield.

AMALYZE Shield reacts dynamically to changes: As soon as new products appear on Amazon and are increasingly searched for using certain terms, the monitored keyword set is extended at regular intervals.

With the help of sophisticated filter functions, extremely granular results can be generated in shield keyword research. Keywords or keyword phrases that do not match the selected context can be eliminated during the search. Keywords that must be included in the query remain visible in the keyword search result on Amazon.

All filters developed once for the keyword search can of course be saved and of course also copied via an editor function and shared with colleagues. All data tables are individually adaptable in size, layout and order of the displayed values. So you can make AMALYZE Shield your personal tool for Amazon for keyword research.

Available Marketplaces

Solid Database

All meaningful keywords for Amazon in tracking

Dynamic Keyword Set

Timely updates of search terms for Amazon

Multiple Keyword Search

All keyword searches can be combined with other filters

Analyzing Keywords Across Different Marketplaces

With AMALYZE Shield, brand keywords can be easily analyzed across multiple Amazon marketplaces. This is of particular interest to brand manufacturers or Amazon vendors who offer products on Amazon across the EU and wish to keep a constant eye on their brand development.

With just a few clicks, Shield shows you, for example, how the search volume, buying power, or the number of merchants within the top 100 ranked products to the examined keyword has developed on in comparison to other European Amazon marketplaces. This also allows you to easily assess the number of products offered on Amazon in reference to brand search terms.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_Keyword Research Europe_Brand-Keywords Monitor

Amazon Search Volume and Buying Power

The historic search volume of keywords on Amazon and associated buying power may be of some help for the subject of SEO for Amazon and the orientation of your own products in terms of sizes, colors, or other significant product features on the market.

For better assessment of the keyword environment of a brand or specific search term, AMALYZE Shield provides historical values for Amazon search volume in keyword research. Since we know the sales price of the top 100 ranked products to the keyword, as well as click rates and conversion rates, an estimate of the potential monthly buying power for every product can also be derived therefrom.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_Keyword Search_Search volume for specific keywords

Buybox and Striketrough Price Rate

To evaluate the examined market environment even better during keyword research, AMALYZE Shield users are also shown the percentage of awarded buy boxes and the most recent measured list price quote in the list of keyword results.

This is based on the respective top 100 ranked products on the Amazon Marketplace being researched for all keywords or keyword phrases assigned in a keyword analysis. This enables even better conclusions as to how a specific market environment “ticks” in reference to the terms used by customers on Amazon.

AMALYZE keyword research Amazon_Buybox and strike through price quota

Check SPA & Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads (formerly Amazon Headline Search Ads; HSA) are a nice way of bringing brand products into the spotlight above all organic search hits and, for some time now, nothing can be accomplished without Sponsored Products Ads via PPC campaigns in the competitive market environments on Amazon. But where might there be some gaps that can be filled? After a few clicks, AMALYZE Shield provides the answers.

The number of taken SPA slots as well as information as to whether or not Sponsored Brand Ads were displayed during the most recent data search in reference to an examined keyword environment are shown in AMALYZE Shield – keyword research consistently developed further.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_Keyword -Research_Sponsored Evaluate Brand Ads

Price Level in Keyword Environment

Price determination for one’s own listing or competitor price analysis in not easy without sufficient data, sometimes almost impossible, and in any event, without the help of a strong tool for Amazon, extremely time consuming. Luckily, with just a few clicks, AMALYZE Shield provides a quick overview already at the level of keyword research through the combination of filters.

What is the average price of the top 100 ranked products on Amazon that a potential customer is shown when entering “64 gigabyte microSD cards”? Or for manual stainless steel or stainless steel look juicers with an average rating below 3.8 stars? Shield knows the answer.

Amazon Keyword research with AMALYZE_Average prices Top 100 products per keyword

Amazon Keyword Correction

Through a pretty good autocorrect function for spelling errors, Amazon provides potential customers a great service in their search for products. Many typos are automatically corrected and, in most cases, no products are listed for misspelled keywords. Regrettably, the topic “spelling errors – keywords” for SEO for Amazon is basically a moot point. Or perhaps not?

In keyword research, Shield therefore not only shows if a correction occurs, but also to which keyword Amazon redirects the user instead. That makes SEO finetuning of the listing for you as AMALYZE user a lot easier.

Amazon Keyword Tool AMALYZE_Keyword Determine correction

Need more information on AMALYZE Shield?

Here we provide more detailed information on AMALYZE Shield, the tool for five European Amazon marketplaces: display of search volume, the most relevant categories for the top 100 ranked products, selectable filters on Amazon,  and ranking results for every tracked keyword.

AMALYZE Shield live presentation

Do you want to see the entire AMALYZE Tool for Amazon in action from the inside without strings attached, be guided through all basic functions and have the opportunity to ask questions? No problem: participate in a free live webinar. Follow the link to the dates.