Your first stop to find new keywords for your Amazon Listing or Amazon Advertising campaign!


Research keywords in the keyword database in which we continuously monitor over 110,000,000 keywords. Find relevant keywords that fit your product and your competition and with the help of the simple operation you will quickly get the keywords.

While doing so, we show you the most important metrics in the database that help you identify the relevant keywords. These include search volume, results displayed on Amazon, the number of SPA (Sponsored Products) and whether or not SBA (Sponsored Brands) are switched. Want to find new keyword ideas & phrases? The keyword database is the tool to start your Amazon keyword research.

Significant terms

What are the most important and frequently used terms by Amazon customers?

With the tool “Significant terms” you can find individual words, which are most often searched for by Amazon customers. Specifically, you can enter a search term and then all relevant keywords are divided into individual words and sorted by frequency.
This way you will find all relevant terms and words that make up the most relevant keywords. You can use these words to optimize your listings or to place advertisements.

Related terms

Find other related keywords used by customers based on a keyword you specify. Finally, you can easily analyze dialects and other language usage and use them for Amazon SEO optimization, but also for Amazon Advertising campaigns.

Or do international customers also search on your marketplace and which terms do they use in their search? With the related search terms in Shield 2 you can easily start an exact analysis of the search behavior of Amazon customers!


What colors, brands or characteristics do Amazon customers search for in connection with a search term?

Whether language habits or dialects, new words or Anglicisms, there are many factors that influence the search habits of customers on Amazon. Knowing all the words and keyword phrases in the process seems almost impossible, but with our Entity Tool, it’s easy.

Which colors, brands or features do customers search for in connection with a keyword? Entities help you understand exactly how customers search in the Amazon Marketplace. The entity tool in AMALYZE Shield 2 automatically groups your keywords according to various criteria, such as target groups, genders, professions, animals, colors, sizes, numbers, body parts, materials, etc.