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Do you have questions that go beyond the technical application of the AMALYZE tools for Amazon and are so extensive that our webinar program is not enough for you? Do you need hands-on strategic or operational advice for your Amazon listings, a personalized ranking optimization, or do you have questions about assortment maintenance or your brand strategy? Then we will be happy to help you. Choose your topic now!

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Amazon 1:1 Consulting

Our Amazon Consulting is carried out by our specialist Christian Otto Kelm, one of the most experienced Amazon consultants. Christian has been working in the industry for more than 6 years, has contributed to the establishment of one of the largest Amazon agencies in Germany and has successfully supported hundreds of Amazon salespeople on strategic and operational issues to date.

AMALYZE Amazon Consulting Christian Otto Kelm

As an Amazon specialist, Christian is a sought-after keynote speaker at trade fairs and congresses in the field of e-commerce and, as author of the book AMAZON MARKETING, is now also represented on the Amazon marketplace himself. Some of the most successful vendors and sellers have been relying on his knowledge in Amazon Consulting for years.

AMALYZE Amazon Workshops: Overview of contents and schedule

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AMALYZE offers Amazon workshops on listing content and advertising for Amazon sellers and Amazon vendors.

In these one-day workshops, the aim is to build the foundations for a better understanding of the Amazon marketplace and to finally make the areas of Amazon product optimisation and Amazon advertising easier to understand – including all processes and procedures for daily use.

In our Amazon workshops we show how the enhancement of Amazon products for the A9 algorithm and the visibility for Amazon customers can be optimized data-driven and customer-oriented – Let´s call it an Amazon SEO deep dive.

Based on this principle, marketing and advertising measures on Amazon are additional means of achieving extended visibility on the market as an Amazon seller or vendor. In order to be permanently successful, however, it is necessary to know and master the various measures and approaches – Amazon PPC or AMS for vendors are the most common keyword-related means to an end, but there are now many more ways to place and direct advertising on Amazon.

In this one-day workshop, participants learn from a consistent approach how to map Amazon Content and Amazon Advertising from a single structure. Our Amazon workshops are suitable for Amazon sellers and vendors who offer their own products on the Amazon marketplace.

Agenda Amazon Day Workshop

Morning – Content:

Amazon Content Basics

Ways of Data Processing & Preparation

The Amazon SEO Process

Afternoon – Marketing:

Amazon Marketing Basics

Advertising / Marketing Types of use

Amazon DSP Display Advertising

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Whether operational or strategic issues: Around Amazon there are always (new) challenges to master. From targeted solutions to long-term support or training of new and old employees entrusted with Amazon business.

We are happy to provide extensive support in the areas of Amazon Content, Amazon Marketing and Amazon Controlling. Topics such as a consistent Amazon product portfolio strategy, extended Amazon advertising measures or the evaluation of your current opportunities on the Amazon marketplace are also our daily business.

All of this is complemented by Amazon in-house or tele-workshops. Our Amazon Consulting customers thus always stay up to date on the latest developments and also have a partner for feedback on their own ideas or suggestions from others. Whether weekly, monthly or only on call: A reliable and constantly available Amazon consulting service is indispensable nowadays.

Our Amazon Consulting is suitable for sellers and vendors who want to independently improve the performance of their products or brands on Amazon. We advise you on the implementation according to the motto: “Help for self-help”.

Agenda Amazon Consulting

On Demand:

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Do you have further questions about Amazon Consulting and our Amazon consulting services in advance? You are not sure whether we can help you with our Amazon Workshops? Then please let us know. Just let us know what would help you to advance your Amazon business. Just send us an email to: [email protected].