AMALYZE Chrome Extension: Keyword AMALYZER


Make search intentions of Amazon customers visible and identify new keywords from Amazon Suggests


The “Keyword AMALYZER” of our AMALYZE Chrome Extension provides you with the keyword combinations that are most frequently searched for in connection with a search term used at Amazon – and this on 14 Amazon marketplaces worldwide!

  • Which brands are frequently demanded in German-speaking countries for “cordless screwdrivers”? How many volts should the rechargeable batteries have? Are Amazon customers looking for sets with spare accumulators or rather single devices? And what accessories does the customer want?
  • Which running products are currently particularly popular in the US? Caps, trousers, shoes? Or would you prefer sports headphones and a jogging bag for your mobile phone?
  • What should “sport tops” for women look like this season in the USA? Rather loose or rather tight? Long-sleeved or rather short? Would you prefer a colored, multi-piece set of 3 or classic shades such as black, white and grey?

The Keyword AMALYZER gives you answers to these and many other questions in just a few minutes.

Functions and Application

In the second menu (from left) of the Chrome Extension you will find the keyword AMALYZER. This shows you at any given time the real search intention of the Amazon customers on the respective Amazon marketplace for a particular search term. This is an extremely powerful tool.

The AMALYZER also works on all Amazon marketplaces with a Latin brief (not in Japan, China, India or Turkey).


Basic Settings of the AMALYZER

As soon as an Amazon marketplace is called in the Chrome Browser, the keyword AMALYZER can be started via the menu above the Amazon logo. The marketplace on which we are located is taken over into the basic setting of the extension and the main Amazon categories available there are recognized. The keyword search can be triggered either cross-category or category-related. A suggest search is preset for all categories. Also preset is the search in the suggests on the basis of an EXACT search, at the top right of the type filter. Of course, it is also possible to search only for word components (e.g. the search for “box” would result in terms like boxed, boxer, boxes, but also box car and cardboard box).

It is also possible to use the AMALYZER in the incognito mode of Chrome. Simply right-click on the AZ symbol in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser and go to the settings of the AMALYZE extension via the “Manage extensions” menu. There activate the switch under “Allow in incognito mode”.

AMALYZE Keyword AMALYZER, basic settings

Amazon Search – Suggest

When entering a search term in the Amazon search slot receives an Amazon customer (depending on what he enters and how detailed the initial search is) up to 10 suggestions from Amazon, the Suggests. We all know each other. We are looking for a new mattress for our bed and even before we know it, Amazon already offers possible sizes or hardness-grade or maybe even a certain brand.

If customers are increasingly looking for specific things in the marketplace, the portal will respond dynamically and offer these matches as a possible further detail of the original search input. Calculated from the original search, the suggestives go deeper into deeper levels. These levels are reproduced in the AMALYZER.

Amazon Suggest evaluate results

Enter the Search Term

Our search starts at suggest level zero with the input in the keyword field and can be executed in the formats EXACT or as PART OF WORD.

In an exact search, the next character after or another character before the entered search term does not count as a further level, because it is a space. Only the next character after the teaching character starts the next word, a number or another term in the Suggest. The deeper the search level is chosen, the more results are found (usually) and the corresponding keyword details can be longer.

If we are looking for a “camera”, Amazon immediately offers, for example, a “camera for kids” and “camera bag” in the suggests, but also a “camera tripod”. Down to the fifth level, terms like “usb camera endoscope with led” or “wansview wlan ip camera 1080p hd” may appear.

Amazon Suggest Research free AMALYZE Chrome Extension_Example

Choice of an Amazon Main Category

The search results in the Amazon Suggests can differ considerably depending on the choice of the main category examined. A “flashlight” for children, in the DIY store for hand tools or in the category Sports & Leisure, will have completely different product features, colors and characteristics and will therefore also be associated with other keywords!

The Keyword AMALYZER therefore also allows a very differentiated search based on the respective involved or for the evaluation relevant Amazon categories. The searched “camera” will reveal a “pink camera mount” in the baby department, in the main category for cars & motorcycles we get a “dashcam camera” or a “camera for horse trailer”.

To select the appropriate main category, simply set it in the menu to the right of the keyword entry. Of course, this also works on other Amazon marketplaces.

Suggest keywords search based on Amazon main category

Results: Word Cloud, Keywords, Words

The AMALYZER will test all available suggest possibilities after submitting a search query according to the preset parameters and then display the results in a word cloud (depending on space requirements, it may be possible that not all words from the suggests occur in this graphical representation; however, these are taken into account when downloading the results).

The larger and darker individual words are displayed in the cloud, the more frequently they appear in the found suggests. In the result tab KEYWORDS, the keywords present in the suggests are displayed. The fewer characters the Amazon customer has to enter to get the corresponding suggest displayed, the higher the score displayed in the AMALYZER will be. In the WORDS tab, the frequency of the occurring individual words (preset) is displayed in descending order.

The blue buttons can be used to download keywords and words as Excel files (incl. score and frequency).

Keyword Amalyzer Amazon Suggest Keyword Download word cloud and words

In the following AMALYZE tutorial we show how you can use the free keyword AMALYZER on 14 Amazon marketplaces worldwide to quickly and easily find the real search intention of Amazon customers on a specific topic or keywords. This powerful tool helps you to create your content, your PPC campaigns and makes your Amazon product marketing much easier. If you have any questions, simply contact our support, we will be happy to assist you.