AMALYZE Chrome Extension: Index Checker


Check if ASINs can be found with content or specific keywords on 14 Amazon marketplaces worldwide

Amazon Keyword Index Checker

The “Index Checker” of our AMALYZE Chrome Extension shows you on 14 Amazon marketplaces worldwide quickly and easily for which words, keywords or word phrases in the content a specific product can already be found on Amazon.

  • Check with a single click which parts of a product title, bullet point, product description or product detail the ASIN can be found on.
  • Show for which words and word phrases in Amazon A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC; extended article description) an ASIN is found on Amazon.
  • Check within seconds on which Amazon marketplaces or entire Amazon marketplace regions (Europe, America or Asia & Australia) an ASIN can be found for certain keywords or keyword combinations.
  • The AMALYZE Index Checker 1.1.6 works worldwide on all Amazon marketplaces with Latin typesetting and now also on, and !

With this free tool for Amazon you get a valuable tool to check and improve your listings. Just add it from the Chrome Webstore and start right away.

Check Title, Bullets & Description

Especially with very recent listings, it is sometimes helpful to check in the first days of the “life cycle” to which keywords the product is already found and which parts of the on-page content (title, bullet points and description) Amazon already “understands”.

The review is very simple. Open the detail view of the product on the Amazon marketplace of your choice and then use the menu on the left side of the extension. Please make sure that the correct ASIN is checked for parent / child combinations and that you do not stay on the parent. The parent product does not link to a keyword.

The extension is completely browser-based and will mark all the words that your (or) product is already found in green. Similarly, all words that are not found on the ASIN on the Amazon Marketplace will be marked in red.

Index Checker check for functional discription

Check Product Details of an ASIN

The technical product details of an ASIN can, depending on the Amazon subcategory, be filter-relevant for the Amazon customer in many cases, but also index-relevant for the Amazon A9 algorithm!

Amazon sellers, private label dealers or vendors can now also check this content on the Amazon product detail page of an ASIN with the improved AMALYZE Index Checker (since version 1.1.2). All words or terms for which the product is found on the respective Amazon marketplace are colored green by the AMALYZE Index Checker.

This in turn allows certain conclusions to be drawn about the degree of optimization of the listing and, if applicable, whether the keywords used there are relevant in the subcategory of the ASIN checked. This can make the whole Amazon SEO topic enormously easier.

Check A+ or EBC Content

Not every Amazon product is as self-explanatory as a hairbrush or bottle opener. Amazon vendors therefore have the opportunity to enrich product descriptions with A+ content. Amazon Vendors can also “spice up” their ASINs with Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and thus describe the product in much more detail and present additional images.

But to which part of the stored A+ / EBC text information can a product be found? The AMALYZE Index Checker provides the answer. If an ASIN has this type of content, the texts in it (attention: no picture texts!) can also be checked for indexing. Note: If due to EBC no product description is visible for the Amazon customer, then the product description in the dropdown menu of the Index Checker remains grayed out, of course, because no check is possible here.

Index Check Amazon Onpage A+ checken

Findability According to Own Keywords

In addition to the index check via title bar, bulletpoints, description, etc., you have the possibility to check whether an ASIN is found for a certain keyword or a certain keyword combination (already). Simply select “Check own keywords” in the menu of the AMALYZE Index Checker.

When checking, the ASIN to be checked will be entered in the upper left corner or can be entered there. Please select the Amazon marketplace or the Amazon marketplace region in the menu on the right. Below the ASIN and menu line the keywords are entered. If you want to check several keywords or keyword phrases at once, simply fill one line after the other. Multiword combinations are also possible here. When the query is sent, all listed terms are checked and the result is visible in a few seconds. ASINs, which are listed on several Amazon marketplaces, can also be checked across marketplaces with this function.

Index Checker check ASINs for own keywords

In the following AMALYZE Tutorial we show you how you can use the AMALYZE Index Checker to check the onpage content of ASINs, such as title line, bullet points, product description, product details and A+ or EBC content on 14 Amazon marketplaces worldwide for indexing. If you have any questions, please contact our support, we will be happy to help you. Below is Part 2.

In the following AMALYZE Tutorial we will show you how you can check quickly and easily with the improved AMALYZE Index Checker whether an ASIN is ranked to certain keywords or whole keyword phrases (or not) and also on which different marketplaces the product is found to the keywords checked by you. If you have any questions, simply contact our support, we will be happy to help you.