With the latest release of the AMALYZE Chrome Extension a new feature has been added among others. In this article you can find out which feature this is, how you can use it for yourself and what other functions the AMALYZE Chrome Extension offers.

NEW – Info Boxes

If the extension has been already updated to 1.5.0, you will have noticed that there is now always an info box between the product image and the product title in the search results.

The most important KPIs are:

  • Brand

  • Visibility / AMASCORE

  • Number and average position of keywords

  • Rating

  • Reviews / Day

  • Available since and age

  • Price

  • Buybox owner

  • Number of offers

  • Number of pictures / videos

  • Last update in our database

  • Parent ASIN

  • Number of Variations

  • BSRs of the main and subcategories

What does the extension offer?

Further features


In your search results you have the possibility to display widgets for search volume, related keywords, rating, review, price and prime.

Index Checker

Check with just one click the keywords of an ASIN in the title, bullet points, description, product details and A+ content for their indexing. Does my product rank for these keywords?


Discover new keywords that occur and are searched most frequently in connection with your keyword and copy them to your clipboard with a single click!