Search Amazon Merchants – from which country are the merchants?

Not just German merchants sell on, but also many international merchants. But where do these Amazon merchants come from? Is it true that is overrun by the Chinese?

Amazon merchants on

Currently, we monitor about 1.9 million products and know approx. 90,000 merchants on Provided these merchants have submitted their legal notices correctly, we have a good bit of information on them: company name, contact, zip code, city, and country.

Given that we know which country a merchant is from, it is relatively easy to determine how many merchants are from a particular country and what the distribution of merchants per country looks like on – Legal Notices and Cancellation/Return Policy

Currently, we have 88,137 merchants in our AMALYZE Research Tool (status 12/07/2016).

If you look at which country merchants on the Amazon marketplace come from, you will quickly notice that we have this information on only 52.67% of merchants. For the remaining 47.33%, we do not know in which country they are based and/or these merchants did not provide legal notices or their country is not indicated in them.

“In order to be in compliance with your seller contract and statutory requirements, you are required to file detailed legal notices in your shop. These must contain all legally required information. Information entered in the section “Legal Notices and Seller Info” is displayed in your seller profile under “Legal Notices and Seller Info”. Please seek independent legal counsel if you are not sure what information you need to provide.”


The settings for legal notices can be changed in the Amazon Seller Central under “Settings“ > “Shop Settings”.

Percentage of D-A-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) merchants on

First, we want to take a look at the percentage of Amazon merchants from the D-A-CH economic area.

Of all Amazon merchants currently in our system, 26.98 % are from Germany, 0.95 % from Austria, and 0.19 % from Switzerland. Together, the three countries account for 28.12 %.

Looking at where the rest of the merchants come from, you notice that an additional 17.19 % of all merchants are based in Europe and only 7.36 % of sellers are from outside of Europe. Here again, it is remarkable how many merchants do not have legal notices on file.

Where are merchants from?

Merchants from Germany 26,98%
Merchants from Austria 0,95%
Merchants from Switzerland 0,19%
Merchants from Europe (not including D-A-CH) 17,19%
Merchants from outside Europe 7,36%
Merchants without legal notices 47,33%
Total merchants 88.137

Is overrun by the Chinese?

How many Chinese merchants are on Is there any truth to the rumor that is overrun by the Chinese?
With a share of 4.35% of all merchants, China is currently the third most represented country on
I seriously doubt you can call this percentage ‘being overrun by the Chinese’. Of course, if a large portion of the merchants of unkown origin are from China, the world looks a little different.

Search Amazon merchants – top 10 countries in Europe

Germany 26,98%
United Kingdom 7,62%
Italy 3,27%
France 2,57%
Spain 1,67%
Austria 0,95%
Netherlands 0,54%
Poland 0,35%
Belgium 0,22%
Switzerland 0,19%

Search and find Amazon merchants

With our AMALYZE Research Tool, you can easily search for any Amazon merchant. You have the option of searching by name, contact, zip code, city, country, or MCID.

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