AMALYZE Keyword Tracking

Amazon keyword tracking with AMALYZE

Amazon Keyword Tracking

A specialized widget shows keyword positions of Amazon products on the AMALYZE dashboard. The keyword tracking widget provides graphic visualization of the keyword position over a selectable timeframe (keyword data cannot be searched retroactively, but only from the point in time an ASIN was entered into the AMALYZE database).

Keyword positions of tracked ASINs are analyzed in the AMALYZE Tool from the first search position to 100th place on the respective Amazon marketplace. On this currently amounts to approx. 24 million words or keyword combinations.

AMALYZE Keyword Tracking

Tracking widget

For each search of his/her monitored keywords, user receives a trajectory across the selected timespan in reference to the ASIN entered into the tracking widget. In this way, Amazon sellers or vendors can easily track ranking trends. You can keep a better eye on the position of strategically important keywords and see the effects of listing optimizations.

The AMALYZE Tool helps users in their selection of potentially monitored keywords. If an ASIN is selected for Amazon keyword tracking, the user has the option to load a list of keyword recommendations in the tracking widget to which the Amazon product is already ranked within the top 100 search results on Amazon (sorting is by keyword relevance from the product detail view of the respective ASIN).

AMALYZE Keyword Tracking-Widget


For each ASIN, the AMALYZE Tool constantly calculates the relevance of individual keywords to which the Amazon product is already ranked compared to other words, and thus provides assistance to users in the optimization of their “on page” content and their selection of Amazon backend keywords.

Depending on application, several keywords in reference to one ASIN can be tracked, or the position of one (primary) keyword for several ASINs (ideally one’s own ASIN and those of the most important competitors) can be displayed.

As in “regular” widgets, the display of the keyword historical data depends on the respective time setting selected in the dashboard. The time frame that is to be displayed can be changed to a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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