Amazon shipment tracking

Track my order online, mobile and via app

Amazon shipment tracking

How can I track my order on Amazon? What are my options for shipment tracking? All the information you need for tracking your shipment.

Just about everyone knows the problem – you’ve ordered something from Amazon, and you get a message when the order is delivered. With especially popular products, the anticipation is very strong, and people wait impatiently for their delivery. This is especially true around very important dates like birthdays or Christmas Eve.

If you’re ordering from Amazon shortly before a holiday, you want to know exactly when the item will be delivered, and whether it will arrive before Christmas, for example. This is the purpose of Amazon shipment tracking – “Track my Amazon Shipment”, where you can see when the item ordered will be delivered, as well as its current location.

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My Amazon Orders – tracking delivery by DHL, Hermes, and others

With most shipments ordered on, you can take advantage of shipment tracking offered by shipping companies like DHL, Hermes, and others. To see your actual order status, you just need to look under “My Orders” on the Amazon site.

Be aware that individual items in an order may show very different delivery dates, and these may have different tracking data.

My Orders on Amazon

When an item is ordered and has a trackable shipping method, its current delivery status can be viewed on Amazon under “Order tracking”. Under “My Orders” you’ll find all the information available for that order, including shipping method and company (e.g. DHL or Hermes).

You’ll also find this information in the shipping confirmation you receive from Amazon by email. If you’d like, you can contact the shipping company directly; just go to the help page on Amazon, and look for Shipping Carrier Contacts.

Order tracking on the Amazon App

You can also track shipping on your mobile device or smartphone with the Amazon App. You can see your exact order data under “My Account”.

If your order is delayed beyond the expected delivery date, in most cases the order will be delivered one or two business days thereafter.

Notifications by SMS

Amazon’s SMS notification service makes it possible to have reports of current delivery status sent directly to you. You’ll only get an SMS notification when it is significant to your order shipping – for example, when there are unexpected disruptions or there is a problem with the shipping address. In these cases the shipping company will contact you immediately.

Setting up SMS notifications

You’ll need to open “My Orders”, then click “Track Shipment” to track the shipment of the order. You can enter your mobile phone number at the bottom of the window under the heading “Get Updates”. When this is done, just click Save. Now you’ll get an SMS from Amazon anytime something about the order status changes. This is a free service, though your mobile carrier may charge you for the messages.

After you activate the notifications, you can change your number under “SMS notifications for delivery problems”.

No real-time order tracking

Amazon order tracking works well, but remember that there is no real-time tracking available. The status is updated regularly, even if there is a considerable time period in between. So if you check the status frequently, no change may have taken place.

Status updates will also tell you when an order fails to be delivered. This notice comes when, for example, DHL cannot reach the delivery address to make the delivery. In most cases you’ll get a notification in your inbox. DHL normally attempts to deliver the package the next day.