Amazon Ranking Position


What is important in the Amazon ranking position?


Amazon Ranking Position

Amazon is an online mail-order company which functions as a sales platform for many retailers and other sellers. All retailers who use the Amazon sales platform are rated at regular intervals. This rating consists of different points and is the basis for the Amazon Ranking Position. The Amazon Ranking Position a retailer achieves can tell you about their sales figures: a higher Ranking Position reflects higher sales figures. The Ranking Position is thus the determining factor given the most weight. Each important keyword gets its own result in terms of the search results. Normally, up to 90% of people searching for something online look at only the results shown on the first page. The rest are largely ignored.

Amazon Ranking Position

What advantages does a favorable Ranking Position have?

Say a product has a good Ranking Position, meaning that it’s close to the top. If a customer enters a certain search term (keyword), the product will appear relatively close to the top in the search results. This sounds unimportant, but the result is that the product is bought more often than a comparable item with a lower Ranking Position. Of course Amazon benefits when as many sales as possible happen on its platform, so Amazon tries to promote product sales. Therefore Amazon tries to use the first page of search results to show only items which a potential customer will like. This increases the probability of an actual sale.

Good keywords are extremely important

Amazon has a certain calculation algorithm which is always used as a basis to determine the Ranking Position. The customer enters a search term, and all items for sale are searched for this term. All products having this search term move to the next step, but are not yet shown to the customer. There is another intermediate step here: starting with the initial results, Amazon sorts out the items it presumes the customer might like. Clearly, products which are bought often are shown near the top. From this it’s easy for a retailer to see that they should add as many important keywords as possible to the products they are selling. In this way the products attain a better ranking and in most cases higher sales.