Amazon Product Attributes


Amazon product attributes identify all discontinued items. Input, processing, terms, possibility for specification, marking


Amazon product details optimize sales

So that all products are clearly displayed on Amazon, the so-called Amazon product attributes have been developed. These give each dealer the opportunity to present his products in detail and accurately. Buyers and sellers can always inform themselves about the details of the goods offered and compare them for free.

Amazon Produktattribute

Amazon Product Attributes: distinct labeling

A seller creates their own Amazon seller account. In this account, in addition to personal information, details about their products for sale are entered and processed. In the seller account, the distributor creates the Amazon Product Attributes for every item component separately. This function works as the sales platform. Common Product Attributes include color and size, for example. Amazon then further subdivides the Product Attributes entered. This classification is known as the “value of an attribute”. For this, Amazon includes terms like “black”, “white”, “XL”, and “S”. With this formula, Amazon provides buyers and sellers a clear offer with thorough details for each product. So interested buyers find all the important information about the item they are looking for in one place. To make this detailed display possible, every product must have detailed information.

Amazon Product Attributes: Ability to specify

In setting up or revising products, the dealer is asked which Product Attributes they would like to use, if any. This means that they can enter no Product Attributes at all, if desired. If Product Attributes (Amazon Bullet Points) are set up, the seller specifies their offers and so attempts to optimize the sale. Based on experience, products described in detail generally have shorter selling times. But there are also products that do not require attributes, since they are unique in their presentation. A number of different attributes for one product are seen as variations. Each of these variations is managed in its own inventory, which means that items which are specified as to the attributes of color and size can be found under both variations.

Amazon Product Attributes: deleting and editing

Sellers can only delete or change an item attribute if the item is sold or is to be canceled. Amazon guides the seller online during this process.