Amazon Bullet Points

Amazon bullet points are next to the image of the product five clear bullet points, bullet points, which should make the customer the purchase decision easier.


Amazon Bullet Points

Amazon Bullet Points are five clear points next to the product image, Bullet Points, which should make the buying decision easier for the customer.

Amazon Bullet Points are the highlights of an article for sale. Each retailer and seller can view and/or enhance the description of their product. Amazon Bullet Points / product attributes show up to five descriptions of 15 words each, which should give interested buyers a brief overview of the most important features of the product. The Bullet Points are on the page with the product description, above a short text, and are often shown next to the item’s display image.

Amazon Bullet Points

Amazon Bullet Points – show the product’s advantages

For potential buyers, the Bullet Points are keywords which explain the advantages of the product. When creating Bullet Points, the seller cannot furnish specifics as to the price, shipping, or company. The highlights help interested customers make their decision to buy and should not be seen as marketing tools. Content of an advertising nature may not be used in Bullet Points. In addition, the points contain only letters and numbers. Other characters such as HTML code cannot be shown.

Advantages for the customer and the seller

Lists with Bullet Points make reading easier. The points reduce long passages of text and give an overview of the most important details, while also reducing complexity. Thus, the important points should be at the top, and the less important further down. It’s important not to overdo these points, so they are limited to five, with a maximum of 15 words each.

For the seller, the advantage of showing brief, concise information to the buyer is clear: the potential customer can view all the advantages of the item without reading a detailed description. If this sparks their interest, they have an incentive to further research the item before finally purchasing it.