Amazon Bestseller Rank (BSR) – Sales Rank

The Amazon Bestseller Rank (Sales Rank, BSR, or Sales Rank) is a mystery to many sellers and buyers. What is the Sales Rank, Amazon Bestseller Rank and the Orderer Rank?

Amazon Bestseller Rank

The Amazon Bestseller Rank (BSR) tells us how well an item is selling relative to other products in the same Amazon category. An item with BSR 1 is currently the product with the most sales in a category; the item with a rank of 2 is the second-most sold product in the category, and so on.

The BSR lets you clearly see how many products are selling better than your own in a category.

Example: Your product has a BSR of 30 in the category “drugstore & personal care > nutritional supplements > weight management > carbohydrates”. This means that 29 products in this category are selling more often than yours.

Amazon Bestseller Rang - BSR - Verkaufsrang

Amazon Bestseller

Of course, there are always certain items in the trade, which can be very good at the man bring. Such articles are also called purchaser. This means to German as much as “best sold”. For each individual product category, the online retailer Amazon has its own list of bestsellers. Since this is updated every hour, it is thus always up to date. Which products are ultimately Amazon bestsellers, results from the number of buyers for a particular product. If an article is listed as a bestseller, the respective product receives the badge “Bestseller” and thus more attention from potential customers and prospects.

Such an appearance is based on the psychological principle of the advance of trust. Because something that is interesting for many other customers and was also bought can be good for the potential new buyer. Thus, purchases from other customers serve as a reference for purchase by a new customer.

Amazon Bestsellers by category – an important signal

As a sort of recommendation, the list of Amazon bestsellers serves many customers. Because customers who have no clear intention to purchase and are not looking for a specific item can see where the trend is going to develop in the near future by dividing Amazon bestsellers into categories in their area of interest.

Thus, the list of Amazon bestsellers is a sort of catalog of potentially interesting goods for buyers who are merely curious about themselves and not looking for a particular product.

Amazon Besteller Rank (BSR) – Product sales rank

In many Amazon product categories and in all book categories, including the Kindle books, whether free or paid, the product details also include an Amazon ordering rank. This bestseller rank is recalculated every hour and of course depends on recent sales. However, historical sales data relative to other products of the same category are also included in the Amazon Bestseller. The sales rank is recalculated for each Amazon country platform. For example, a book that occupies tenth place on can rank a thousand lower in Germany. Because the numbers for each market are stored separately by Amazon. The Bestseller Rank is calculated for almost every product available on Amazon. Below we will explain the bestseller rank but with the help of books.

Sales rank is sales and not valuation related

The biggest mistake that prevails is that the bestseller ranks more than just the sales figures – but that’s not quite true. Because the sales rank only considers the sales. Thus, the sales rank does not depend on the cumulative sales, but on how often the product has been sold recently. And this compared to other products of the same category. No direct influence on the bestseller rank has the ratings and ratings of the customers. But only on the people, which can be influenced by it and buy a product due to a high rank. In doing so, they ultimately contribute to a better ranking. Amazon itself states that the BSR is recalculated every hour, with a delay of two to three hours.

A better Amazon bestseller rank is not dependent on sales increases

The BSR (Amazon Bestseller Rank) always compares the sales figures to other products from the same category. Thus, it is not enough to increase sales in order to increase the ranking in the ranking. In order to increase the orderer rank, simply more own products must be sold in comparison to other products of the same category. Even though in the future one product will be sold more every day, but the competition will sell two or more items a day more, your own sales will increase, but we will still fall the Amazon bestseller.

However, not only the current sales figures are taken into account, but also the figures from the past are taken into account in the BSR. Thus, an article that has recently been published can quickly reach a higher rank than an article that has been on the market for three years. In addition, the ranking has a forward-looking function and thus also collects the historical data for the future. Thus, an article, which currently occupies the 800,000th place, with a few sales quickly on the 150,000 place slip. But then it is very difficult to go below the 100,000 mark and it will be even more difficult to reach the 10,000 limits and then be able to hold the place there. However, there are also products that have very good historical data, and for them a sales slump does not automatically mean a big drop in sales rank.

Amazon Bestseller Rang BSR Definition und Beispiel

Example for the Amazon Bestseller Rank:

Pampers diapers are consistently at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list, but immediately after Amazon Prime Day 2019 (July 15th) the BSR drops from 3 to 107, not because fewer diapers were sold, but because other items in the “baby” category were sold much more often that day than these Pampers diapers.