Amazon A+ Content – Enhanced Marketing Content

What is Amazon A + Content? How and who can create Amazon A + Enhanced Marketing Content? What advantages does A + Content have for the retailer?

What is Amazon A+ Content?

If you buy a teacup, for example, you know exactly what this product is intended for. But that isn’t true for all products. A number of products require a comprehensive explanation so that customers know what they are all about. Amazon provides the ability to create a product description consisting of up to 2000 characters.

But 2000 characters isn’t always enough. Amazon A+ Content gives the seller the ability to increase the number of characters for the explanatory text to 5000. And so the product can be much more thoroughly introduced, and functions or uses can be explained in more detail. But that’s not all that Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content offers.

Predefined templates, additional images, illustrations, and graphics can be added. This lets you, the seller, substantially upgrade your product description. If Amazon A+ Content is perfectly used, i.e. informative and tailored to the target group, it greatly increases your conversion rate.

Amazon A+ Content

Create Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content

First, a small disappointment: not every Amazon retailer can create A+ Content. Until now only “vendors” have been able to use Amazon A+ Content. Vendors sell their products directly on Amazon and do not appear on the Amazon site as B2C sellers.

The first step is logging into Vendor Central. Here you use the “Marketing” menu item, and click on the A+ detail page. Now you can create Amazon A+ Content or submit the work to Amazon.

The price depends on the Vendor membership and the negotiated terms. Even the category plays a part, so A+ Content can cost 1,500 Euros or more. Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content starts at 100 Euros. Many individual factors, including the product, come into play.

What is Amazon Enhanced Branded Content?

Amazon has a Vendor program, whose members act as suppliers on behalf of Amazon. The members of the Vendor program have several advantages, including A+ Content. A+ Content offers a more complete, detailed product page.

Sources from Amazon and reports bring Amazon Enhanced Branded Content into play. This is already available in the USA. Enhanced Branded Content allows normal retailers to use many design options from the Vendor program in Seller Central.

Amazon retailers here in Germany can also benefit from Amazon Enhanced Branded Content.

Amazon Enhanced Branded Content should be available for free in the initial stages.

If you, as a retailer, have your own brand name registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Enhanced Branded Content offers expanded possibilities for presenting your product in the product details pages. These include your own brand presentation, improved text placement, comparison tables, an FAQ area, more image design possibilities, and different layout templates for content.

Creating a project with A+ Content

First, the ASIN is specified for the A+ Content. A project name is required for internal puposes. The customer will never see the project names. You have the ability to include several ASIN’s under one project and work with them one after another.

Creating a layout with A+ Content

Amazon has twelve templates, called modules, available for A+ Content. Of the twelve modules, two are Advanced and ten are Standard. Now you can quite easily drag and drop the modules from the library to the right, onto the template. This lets you individually place and remove different elements as desired.

Designing and uploading content

The next step is loading actual content into the modules. You can use drag-and-drop for images and copy-and-paste for text. There is a master template to use as a practical aid. Here you’ll find all the data that must be available for all ASIN’s in order to optimize them for A+ Content.

Final checks and publication

The last step in creating A+ Content is Checkout. You already know this feature, as it corresponds to the checkout when buying products. Now it comes down to the Amazon Vendor program you chose. The applicable amount is shown and charged to your seller account.

Is Amazon Enhanced Marketing Content worth it for everyone?

As with many things in life, that is a question of price. On average, an optimized detail page from A+ Content costs 600 Euros. So you’ll have to think it through and consider whether it will be worth it for each ASIN. There are several questions which can help you with this decision.

Questions to determine whether to use A+ Content:

How much profit will the ASIN generate? How much of a sales increase will be needed to recoup your costs? How much competition is there for the product, and are your competitors also using A+ Content? How many competing products are automatically shown by Amazon on my product details page? You’ll often find that Amazon A+ pages are only worth it with a relatively high margin.

Amazon A+ pages only for products with a high margin?

The decision for or against Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content is predominantly a question of price.

If the sales figures and margin of a product are low, it is worth considering whether a further investment would pay off.

If the product is a fast mover with a high margin, a further investment is more likely worthwhile, since you’ll see a return on the money invested.

Is A+ Content useful when there is a lot of competition?

In a highly competitive area, Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content can be enormously helpful if your competition isn’t using it. Some products require more explanation and description than others, in which cases A+ Content is a great tool.

Customers benefit from this additional description, giving you an advantage over the competition. In addition to an A+ details page, you can highlight USP’s and clarify them for your target group.

Amazon A+ sites are an investment over the long term.

It has been shown that the Google-Bot indexes text content from A+ sites. Not only that, Amazon has a very high hit rate from Google for transactional search terms (searches with the intent to make a purchase). With Amazon A+ Enhanced Marketing Content you obtain high traffic for your product over the long term. So your products get visitors who never would have found them without A+.

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