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ASIN Reverse Lookup

How can you quickly and easily find out what the Amazon ASINs of your competitors rank for? Or which keywords other sellers may have built into their content or backend and are therefore more visible with their products on the Amazon marketplace than you? How can you easily find keyword synonyms? How can you find out for your Amazon SEO which keywords certain ASINs use to make the most sales? Here comes the good news: In our ASIN Reverse Lookup you will find all this data! The functions of the ASIN Reverse Lookup are part of our Essentials Module in Shield.

Chose Different Amazon Marketplaces

All European Amazon marketplaces, which are available in Shield’s search module, can also be displayed using the ASIN Reverse Lookup. That means: Here you can examine all ASINs more closely, no matter if they are listed on,,, or, as long as they are visible for AMALYZE Shield or once were visible. And since we now have several billion ASINs in our database, you’ll find all the products you need here.

Since it makes little sense to compare the keywords of ASINs on different marketplaces, the marketplace selection is separated so that only one specific Amazon marketplace can be used for an ASIN reverse lookup.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_ASIN Reverse Lookup_Auswahl der Amazon Marktplätze

Inserting ASINs for an Analysis

The ASIN Reverse Lookup function in Shield gives you the freedom to choose which products to use for your analysis and where to find them: Either from the competitor list of your ASINs, from the top ranked products to a keyword, from the top places of a bestseller list or simply directly from Amazon itself. ASIN copy -> paste into the reverse lookup, press tab button, then the product will be anchored there and you can fill in the next ASIN.

Up to ten ASINs can be checked simultaneously for keywords and the estimated turnover share, so that you get a good overview of how your identified competitors currently look like.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_ASIN Reverse Lookup_Hinzufügen von ASINs zur Keyword Analyse

Keyword Similarities & Synonyms

If the competitor ASIN selection is cleverly compiled, you will get a perfect insight into what products with top BSRs or good organic visibility often rank in your product segment and discover easier keyword phrases and keyword synonyms which you may still lack in your content. If you want to filter within the keywords for a certain term, you can of course do so as well.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_ASIN Reverse Lookup_Auswertung nach Keyword Übereinstimmung

Evaluation According to Sales Probability

Via the SALES RATE column in the ASIN Reverse Lookup you can very easily make visible for which keywords the probability is particularly high that the ASINs examined by you also generate sales for certain keywords.

In combination with the evaluation by keyword matches and the descending sorting by sales share, you get a very accurate picture of which are the most relevant keywords your ASIN should rank to (but may not yet do) to improve the organic visibility of your products on Amazon – this is the perfect tool to support you with your ranking optimization.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_ASIN Reverse Lookup_Auswertung nach Umsatzanteil der Keywords

Download Data and Save Lookups

For further processing of the most relevant Amazon keywords or keyword phrases, the information from our reverse lookup can of course also be downloaded.

And so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time (and because rankings, both organic and seasonal, usually behave very dynamically) you can also save the once generated ASIN reverse lookups and use them again at your next optimization run. So never again the start at “zero”, but with the further use of AMALYZE Shield for every purpose an ever broader database for the permanent maintenance and optimization of your listings.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_ASIN Reverse Lookup_Speichern von Amazon SEO Abfragen

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