AMALYZE Shield: Amazon Suggest Analysis

Filter keywords from Amazon Suggests and use them directly in AMALYZE Shield


Amazon Suggest Analysis

The Suggest analysis integrates the functionality of the keyword AMALYZER of our Chrome Extension into the Shield user interface – and also provides additional features. You can now directly see the real search intention of Amazon customers from the currently five monitored European marketplaces in Shield (We thought it would be better for you if you could do your work in one browser window instead of several). You can now also find out if certain terms even show up in the Amazon Suggest results and in what context. As part of keyword research or preparation for PPC campaigns, this is an extremely powerful tool. The Suggest Analysis is part of the Research Module in Shield.

Important: If you like to use the integrated Amazon Suggest analysis in the Shield tool, please add our AMALYZE Chrome Extension to your Chrome browser, first. The results from the extension are provided directly and in real time from Amazons Suggest (not from an outdated database). Thats why you will always get the latest information regarding the real search intention of Amazon users!

Analyze Search Intention of Amazon Customers

The integrated Suggest analysis is a permanent component of our new user frontend since AMALYZE Shield Release 0.2.0 . Define search terms or search phrases for which you want to find out in which context they are used by Amazon customers and get immediate results.

The deeper you apply the search, the more context-based information you receive concerning your entered search terms and, within just a few minutes, you will get an increasingly complete picture of how and in what correlation every imaginable product on Amazon is being searched for. Of course, we not only deliver therefrom derivable keywords on a silver platter, but also associated information as to what terms appear more frequently within Suggests so that you have a measuring base for their relevancy.

Amazon Suggests auswerten im Amazon Tool Shield

Broad Phrase Search Across Word Components

You can execute the Amazon Suggest analysis in Shield by single word search or by search by word components. If you want to take a broader approach to a topic or you don’t exactly know how Amazon customers or the market really “ticks” in this area, then it may be best to start with a component of a term. This is the big “dragnet”.

Here, you can encounter everything: for example, if you search for “ring” as word component, you might see ring notebook, finger ring, or ring folder, or you might see everything relating to “yoga”: pants, mats, belts, books with yoga exercises, and all brands that are currently prominent in the Suggests, or that have the word component as part of their company name. Of course, you will see for whom the subject you initiated is of more interest: women, men, children, pets, car drivers, or parents.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_Amazon Suggest Auswertung Keywords Wortbestandteil_Suchbegriffe

Amazon Keywords From the Word Cloud

After Shield has established the keywords from the words in the Suggest results, you will make an interesting discovery: it may be beneficial to take a closer look at how certain word combinations are put together precisely, i.e., are the keywords used in singular or plural form (“yoga mats”; even though most customers buy only one), or do customers favor the singular form in a search prior to purchase (“box spring bed”).

Is the exact match “child seat covers” (because perhaps parents are thinking practically and want to have one in reserve while the other is drying on the clothesline – or – while we’re at it, let’s do both back seats?). Which works better? Football shoes or football shoe? And which significant product features are grouped around both search entries? For you as Shield user, all this is no longer a problem in the future.

Amazon Tool AMALYZE_Amazon Suggest Auswertung Keywords Wortbestandteil_Wortwolke

Search Within Results & Correction

If you receive a lot of keywords from a search, because the topic is extensive or you have requested a deep search in the Suggests, you can search the results by certain words or search terms. In this way, you learn if certain contexts or product features are demanded by a specific topic, or not (and how frequently they occur).

Furthermore, Shield will show you directly if during search requests by Amazon customers (which sooner or later play out the Suggests), a spelling correction is made in the event of a spelling error and, if so, where. This makes the whole topic of Amazon SEO easier, and we think it is fantastic when features are thoroughly thought-out. For this reason, you can also save all Suggest analyses you have defined and reuse them.

Amazon Suggest Analyse im Amazon Tool Shield_Keyword Korrektur

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