AMALYZE Shield 1.0.0

General information

With Shield 1.0.0, besides some bug fixes, further functions are released or existing functions are enhanced with more features. Essentially these are:

  • Billing, tariffs & payment
    User administration
    Setting Toolbox
    Search volume 2.0
    Pulse Trends
    Export to the clipboard
    Product search by number of offers (New and All)
    interactive tours
    Affiliate Data

As always, detailed information on the latest changes and enhancements is provided below.

Billing, Plans & Payment

New plans

The new plans are available in Shield immediately. In the past, we were often told that more individual tariffs are desired. We would like to take this into account. For all who currently have an “old” Toolbox tariff, nothing will change. In the future, however, only the new tariffs will be available for a tariff change.


Each tariff brings has a certain scope. If individual functions are to be extended, they can be added individually without having to change tariffs.


From now on it is possible to deposit your Paypal account or credit card permanently. Invoices will – if a valid means of payment is deposited – automatically be charged to it. If no (valid) means of payment is deposited, the invoice can be paid as usual via Paypal or bank transfer.

Free of charge use

With the introduction of the new tariffs, there is also the possibility to test Shield completely, but in the frequency of use strongly limited. The old 48-hour accesses have meanwhile proved to be no longer targeted, as it was usually not possible to fully test the full range of functions within 48 hours.

User administration

User administration

The user administration was completely integrated. You can now change master data yourself or create new users (if this is provided for in your tariff).

Shutdown of Toolbox

With Shield 1.0.0 the Toolbox is now finally entering its well-deserved retirement. Therefore we will take the Toolbox offline shortly after the release. From then on, all changes can only be made directly via Shield.

Search volume 2.0

As already announced in our user group a few weeks ago, we have published the search volume 2.0. Due to the many historical and current data, we have set up a daily updated AI model to estimate the actual daily search volume as good as possible. We have already integrated this in the keywords for the histories.

In the data tables, the search volume of the last 30 days is not yet displayed, but rather that of the end of December. However, we will soon update the data in the data tables permanently. This can and will lead to shifts in AMASCORE.

Pulse Trends


AMALYZE Shield observes and analyzes the search behavior on the Amazon marketplaces on a daily basis. By using a variety of key figures and complex algorithms, we can approach the search volume of individual keywords. If you cumulate the search volume of all keywords on a marketplace, you get the total search volume. Trends such as Christmas business, seasonal demand, etc. can be mapped for the entire marketplace.

Understanding seasonalities

Many keywords and search queries are subject to seasonal fluctuations. When do users start searching for keywords like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? With AMALYZE Trends, keywords can be compared with each other and their seasonality identified. We compare the relative search volume of each keyword and show which keyword is searched for and when and to what extent.

Understanding relations

Many keywords are subject to the same seasonality, such as winter boots and winter coat. But what do users look for more often? With AMALYZE Trends, this can be determined on a daily basis and keywords can be placed in relation to each other.

Export to the clipboard

Until now, you could only download tables as Excel, TSV or CSV. From now on you have the possibility to copy either the complete (visible) table directly to the clipboard or only the respective main key figure (e.g. keyword, ASIN, etc.) for each table. This makes further processing easier.

Product research by number of offers (New and All)

The product table has been supplemented by the number of offers on the ASIN (New and Total). Two new filters have also been introduced to search for the number of offers (New and Total).

Interactive Tours

From now on, there are extensive interactive tours available for most of the features, which will guide you through the use of them. We are aware that the start with Shield can be quite complex and therefore we want to make the introduction of the tours to Shield and the learning of new features much easier for you.

All tours are voluntary and optional. However, we recommend that you do them. Once a tour is completed, it is marked accordingly, but can be repeated at any time later.


Already in the toolbox there was an affiliate program for individual partners. We have now completely integrated this into Shield and make it accessible to everyone.

The process is as follows:

  • First, individual coupons are created, which bring a discount
    You can then distribute these
    If a user then redeems one of these vouchers, selects a fee-based tariff / add-on and pays his bill, you will receive – depending on the turnover – a corresponding commission
  • The affiliate program is offered by our U.S. subsidiary AMALYZE Inc. For more information about the affiliate program, please click here: AMALYZE Affiliate Program data

Last but not least we are happy to announce that with Shield the data of the american marketplace ( is also available. Just select in the marketplace selection.

However, we would like to point out that the integration is not yet complete and not all data is available for Specifically, the following are currently still missing

  • BSR and category
  • Search volume / trends

We will add to this in the coming weeks. On the American marketplace we currently have 282 million ASINs and 33.2 million keywords in our database.

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