AMALYZE SHIELD Version 0.0.3

AMALYZE SHIELD Version 0.0.3 – A&F 2018 – Advertising Open Beta & more

AMALYZE SHIELD Version 0.0.3

Today, we finally have some news:

Today, we published the first version of AMALYZE Shield.

You can log in with your normal access data under the following link:

But first – just a couple of tips:

You CANNOT be logged into the Toolbox (old frontend) and Shield at the same time. If you do it anyway, you will be logged off the other system. As you will see, many datapoints and functions are not yet available. We completed the basic user interface and especially the data tables. The data tables feature a brand new filter concept with which you can design and save (almost) any search.

Just consider it as a sneak preview.

However, what is already available to you is the complete dataset of Jarvis and Falcon, which by now includes more than 610 million ASINs. These are divided into: 185.5 million 94.7 million 96 million 152.1 million 82.5 million

AMALYZE & Friends 2018

We want to keep the tradition alive and are happy to be able to announce – for our standards, extremely early – the date for this year’s AMALYZE & Friends:

AMALYZE & Friends 2018 takes place on 11.22.2018 starting at 09:30 am at the Kempinski Four Seasons in Munich.

As soon as the line-up of speakers is finalized, we will notify you again. To date, we are pleased to announce to have commitments from Christian Otto Kelm, Henning Pröpper and Sascha Pusch (Offprice GmbH), Klaus Forsthofer (Martkplatz1), Ronny Marx (Intomarkets) as well as Sönke Hansen (Ameo GmbH). Additional speakers will be announced shortly. We are also still talking to one or two surprise guests. Stay tuned.

The day prior to AMALYZE & Friends 2018, on 11.21.2018 , we will offer an AMALYZE Best Practice Workshop.
The evening of 11.21., we look forward to welcoming you to our pre-opening event.
Details to follow.

AMALYZE Toolbox goes Falcon

For all you early birds, you can get tickets here:

AMALYZE Toolbox goes Falcon
In the background, our old system (Toolbox) accesses datasets provided by our Falcon API. Given that we monitor approx. 5.5 million products on, over the course of the last 2 years, increasingly “dead bodies” have unfortunately accumulated.

“Dead bodies” are products that were visible at some point and automatically added to our monitoring by our algorithms, or products that our customers have sent us for import. Products go offline, lose their visibility, . . . the lifecycle of a product is limited. Starting immediately, we will run a constant comparison between products currently in monitoring and their visibility.

Products that do not have any visibility, i.e., do not rank to any of the keywords we track within the Top 100, will be (temporarily) removed from monitoring. As soon as they rank to at least one keyword again, these products are put back into monitoring. Thus far, we have already dynamically recalculated the search frequencies, the new feature now is that there is a minimum visibility requirement. This comparison runs permanently.

Currently, there are 63.6 million keywords in tracking. These are divided into: 23.7 million 9.7 million 6.7 million 15.9 million 7.5 million

You also have access to these 63.6 million keywords via Shield / Falcon.

AMALYZE Advertising Open Beta

Since the end of June, our closed beta AMALYZE Advertising Module is now an open beta, meaning that anyone with a current subscription may participate in the open beta. As long as the module has not been migrated to Shield, it is unfortunately limited to sellers. Once in Shield, it will also be available to vendors.

If you are interested in participating, simply send a brief email to [email protected].

One item in advance: past experience has shown that there are a few pitfalls, especially in settings. In this respect, we offer regular advertising webinars, which are, however, a prerequisite for the activation of the module.

The next webinar is scheduled for Friday, 08.10.2018 at 01:00 pm. You can register here:

AMALYZE New Colleagues

Last but not least: we are growing and look forward to welcoming three new coworkers on 08.01.2018:

  • Moska Asif, Manager Amazon Marketing, will address all your questions regarding SPA, HSA, PDA und especially AAP
  • Stephan Spengler, Customer Success Manager, supports our Customer Success Team and is available to answer any questions you may have about AMALYZE.
  • Antonio Ziemann, e-commerce merchant in training, is currently completing an internship and will start his training with us on 01.09.

We welcome our new coworkers and wish them all the best.

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