Endpoint returns adgroup’s statistics for sponsored products ads (SPA).

Example call

JSON Payload

PropertyTypeDescriptionFurther information
paginationobjectThe object containing the pagination informationpagination object definition
filtersobjectThe object containing the filter information
filters.startdateString containing the start datemandatory
filters.enddateString containing the end datemandatory
filters.adgroupstringFilters for adgroup dimensionoptional. Usage and valid filter for adgroup dimension
filters.advertiserstringFilters for advertiser dimensionoptional. Usage and valid filter for advertiser dimension
filters.campaignstringFilters for campaign dimensionoptional. Usage and valid filter for campaign dimension
filters.marketplacestringFilters for marketplace dimensionoptional. Usage and valid filter for marketplace dimension
filters.metricsstringFilter for metricsoptional. Usage and valid metrics to filter
metricsarrayArray containing the metrics to be returnedoptional. Usage and valid metrics to return
sortingarrayArray containing the sorting information
sorting.columnstringThe column to sort
  • advertiserId
  • marketplaceId
  • campaignId
  • campaignName
  • campaignTargeting
  • campaignBidPlus
  • campaignState
  • campaignAmalyzeManaged
  • campaignAmalyzeTargeting
  • campaignAmalyzeOptimization
  • metric: sort by metrics (see Usage and valid metrics to sort)
sorting.directionstringThe direction to sortvalid direction values
JSON Response

itemsarrayArray containing the merchant / vendor items
metricsobjectObject containing the requested metrics
dimensionsobjectObject containing the dimensions
dimensions.advertiserobjectObject containing the advertiser dimension object
advertiser definition
dimensions.marketplaceobjectObject containing the marketplace dimension object
marketplace definition
dimensions.campaignobjectObject containing the campaign dimension object
campaign definition
dimensions.adgroupobjectObject containing the adgroup dimension object
adgroup definition
requestobjectThe request information object (see request information object definition for more information)
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