research.product.histogram (POST)


Endpoint research.product.histogram returns the histogram data for a ASIN marketplace:

  • bestseller ranks
  • keyword counts
  • average ranking position
  • number of reviews
  • rating
  • changes of bestseller badge
POST research.product.histogram
Example call

JSON Payload

PropertyTypeDescriptionFurther informationVersion
metricsarrayArray containing the requested metric
  • ranks: the bestseller ranks for main and sub-categories
  • number of organic keywords the ASIN is ranking for
  • average position of organic keywords the ASIN is ranking for
  • amascorethe amascore
  • reviewsnumber of reviews
  • ratingproducts rating (stars)
  • badges.bestseller indicates if the product has had a besteller badge (in search)
filtersobjectObject containing the filter informationmandatory0.2.1
filters.asinsarrayArray containing the ASIN / marketplace combinationmandatory0.2.1
filters.asins.asinstringThe ASIN for which ranking data is requested formandatory0.2.1
filters.asins.marketplacedateThe marketplace-ID, for which ranking data is requested for.madantory valid marketplace-IDs0.2.1
filters.intervalstringThe intervai, in wich the data shall be returnedmandatory valid intervals0.2.1
filters.startdateStart date in format YYYY-MM-DDmandatory0.2.1
filters.endobjectEnd+ date in format YYYY-MM-DDmandatory0.2.1
JSON Response

itemsarrayArray containing the returned histogram items
items.dimensionsobjectbject containing the histogram item’s dimensions
items.dimension.datedateString containing the date, according to the requested interval
items.seriesarrayArray containing the histogram item’s series
items.series.dimensionobjectObject containing the serie’s dimensions
items.series.dimension.asinstringString containing the ASIN
items.series.dimension.marketplacestringString containing the marketplace id . valid marketplace ids
items.series.metricsobjectObject containing the series’ metrics according to the requested metrics
items.series.metrics.ranksarrayArray containing the bestseller ranks for each single category (only available if product is extended tracked)
items.series.metrics.ranks.categoryobjectObject containing information about the category
items.series.metrics.ranks.category.idstringString containing categories id
items.series.metrics.ranks.category.isMainbooleanIndicates, if category is main category (true) or sub category (false)
items.series.metrics.ranks.rankobjectObject containing the bestseller rank within the specific category
items.series.metrics.ranks.rank.minfloatThe minimum beststeller rank within the specific category according to the selected interval
items.series.metrics.ranks.rank.avgfloatThe average beststeller rank within the specific category according to the selected interval
items.series.metrics.ranks.rank.maxfloatThe maximium beststeller rank within the specific category according to the selected interval
items.series.metrics.keywordsobjectObject containing information about the keyword rankings of an ASIN
items.series.metrics.keywords.organicobjectObject containing information about the organic keyword rankings of an ASIN of keywords, the ASIN ranks (organic) for position of the (organic) keywords, the ASIN ranks for
items.series.metrics.amascorefloatASINs AMSCORE
items.series.metrics.reviewsobjectObject containing information about the number of reviews of reviews
items.series.metrics.ratingobjectObject containing information about the rating (stars)
items.series.metrics.rating.scorefloatAverage rating (stars) for the ASIN
items.series.metrics.badgesobjectObject containing information about the badges
items.series.metrics.badges.bestsellerbooleanIndicates, if the product has had a bestseller badge (within search)
Updates / Changes
0.2.3items.series.metrics.ranks.rank is now an object containing .min, .avg and .max properties
added items.series.metrics.rating
added items.series.metrics.badges