research.product.buybox.histogram (POST)


Endpoint research.product.buybox.histogram returns date histogram regarding buybox for ASIN / marketplaces

POST research.product.buybox.histogram
Example call

JSON Payload

PropertyTypeDescriptionFurther information
filtersobjectObject containing the filter information
filters.startdateSart date in format YYYY-MM-DDmandatory
filters.enddateEnd date in format YYYY-MM-DDmandatory
filters.intervalstringThe interval, in which the data shall be returnedmandatory. valid intervals
filters.asinsarrayArray containing the ASINsmandatory
filters.asins.asinstringString containing the ASINmandatory
filters.asins.marketplacestringString containing the marketplacemandatory. valid marketplaces
metricsarrayArray containing the returned metricsmandator
  • offer
JSON Response

itemsarrayArray containing the buybox histogram items
items.dimensionobjectObject containing the buybox item’s dimensions
items.dimension.datedateString containing the date, according to the requested interval
items.seriesarrayArray containing the buybox item’s series
items.series.dimensionobjectObject containing the serie’s dimensions
items.series.dimension.asinstringString containing the series’ ASIN
items.series.dimension.marketplacestringString containing the series’ marketplace Id
items.series.dimension.skustringString containing the series` SKU (obfuscated)
items.series.dimension.merchantobjectObject containing the series’ merchant information
items.series.dimension.merchant.idstringString containing the series’ merchant id
items.series.dimension.merchant.nameString containing the series’ merchant name
items.series.metricsobjectObject containing the series’ metrics according to the requested metrics
items.series.metrics.priceobjectObject containing the serie’s price information
items.series.metrics.price.offerobjectObject containing the serie’s price information of the offering price
items.series.metrics.price.offer.minfloatThe serie’s minimum offering price within the dimensions date. Price `0` means that there was no buybox
items.series.metrics.price.offer.avgfloatThe serie’s average offering price within the dimensions date. Price `0` means that there was no buybox
items.series.metrics.price.offer.maxfloatThe serie’s maximum offering price within the dimensions date. Price `0` means that there was no buybox
requestobjectThe request information object (see request information object definition for more information)
Updates / Changes
0.2.1new endpoint