research.keywords (POST)


Endpoint research.keywords returns keywords (and their general information) based on the filters

POST research.keywords
Example call

JSON Payload

PropertyTypeDescriptionFurther information
paginationobjectThe object containing the pagination informationpagination object definition
filtersobjectThe object containing the filter information
filters.marketplacesarrayArray containing the marketplacesvalid marketplaces ids
filters.keywordPhrasestringSearch (phrase) within keywordsoptional
filters.keywordExactstringSearch (exact) within keywordsoptional
filters.querystringFulltext search over all available fieldsoptional
filters.statsSalesobjectObject containing the filter information to filter for the monthly salesoptional
filters.statsSales.minfloatThe minimum monthly salesoptional
filters.statsSales.maxfloatThe maximum monthly salesoptional
filters.statsImpressionsobjectObject containing the filter information to filter for the monthly searchVolumeoptional
filters.statsImpressions.minfloatThe minimum monthly searchVolumeoptional
filters.statsImpressions.maxfloatThe minimum monthly searchVolumeoptional
sortingarrayArray containing the sorting information
sorting.columnstringThe column to sort
  • keyword.keyword: sort by keyword
  • score: sort by internal matching score
  • brand: sort by number of brand
  • buybox.merchants: sort by number of merchants
  • buybox.rate: sort by rate of buybox
  • buybox.stroke.rate: sort by rate of stroke-prices
  • buybox.offer.amount: sort by (buybox) amount
  • sort by number of products, advertising as sponsored product ads
  • sort by number of organic results
  • categories.count: sort by number of different categories
  • sort by main category name
  • sort be rate of prime-offered products
  • filters.subscription.rate: sort by rate of products, offered as subscription
  • sort by rate of products, offered as plus product
  • sort by number of review
  • rating.score: sort by rating (stars)
  • update.last: sort by last update timestamp
  • stats.impressionssort by searchVolumne
  • stats.salessort by sales
sorting.directionstringThe direction to sortvalid direction values
JSON Response

itemsarrayArray containing the product items (for more information see keyword object definition
paginationobjectObject containing the pagination information (for more information see pagination object definition)
requestobjectThe request information object (see request information object definition for more information)
Updates / Changes
0.1.15renamed endpoint to research.keywords
added response property stats.impressions
added response property stats.sales
added filter property statsSales
added filter property statsImpressions
0.1.12renamed property filters.amalyze.generic to filters.query
added filter property filters.keywordExact
added filter property filters.keywordPhrase