advertising.lwa.accounts (POST)


Endpoint advertising.lwa.accounts returns the associated Login-with-Amazon Accounts.

POST advertising.lwa.acounts
Example call

JSON Payload

PropertyTypeDescriptionFurther information
paginationobjectObject containing the pagination informationpagination object definition
filtersobjectObject containing the filter information
filters.emailarrayThe email associated with the Amazon accountoptional
filters.namearrayThe name associated with the Amazon acountoptional
filters.ziparrayThe zip associated with the Amazon accointoptional
filters.querystringFulltext search over all available fieldsoptional
sortingarrayArray containing the sorting information
sorting.columnstringThe column to sort
  • score: sort by internal matching score
  • name: sort by accounts name
  • zip: sort by acconts zip
  • email:sort by accounts email address
sorting.directionstringThe direction to sortvalid direction values
JSON Response

itemsarrayArray containing the accounts
items.scorefloatThe (internal) score for the query
items.namestringThe name associated with the Login-with-Amazon-Account
items.zipstringThe zip associated with the Login-with-Amazon Acccount
items.emailstringThe email associated with the Login-with-Amazon Account
items.idstringThe ID associated with the Login-with-Amazon Account
paginationobjectThe pagination object (see Pagination for more information)
requestobjectThe request inforamtion object (see Request information for more information)
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