Falcon API

How to authenticate against the Falcon API
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To authenticate against Falcon, the token must be send as X-Falcon-Token header within the request. Your personal token will be provided by our customer support team. Please contact them via email ([email protected]).


For using the Falcon API you will need a valid subscription. Otherwise access will be denied.


Please note that Falcon is using our complete new datapool (based on our Jarvis database) and may differ from the datas within the current toolbox. Toolbox is partly already using also our Jarvis datapool. Currently (Nov. 2019) you can access:

  • 629 mio products
  • 396 mio products
  • 376 mio products
  • 489 mio products
  • 347 mio products

Please also note that some properties are not implemented yet and using dummy values.

Fair use policy

Falcon is credit base. This means, each request „costs“ – according to its endpoint and returned data – credits. The used credits can be found within response.costs property of the response. This is done to avoid someone is just copying out database.

Currently we do not charge your account for the used credits; i.e. currently you can perform unlimited queries. When going live, we will disable this and charge your account.

But we are are already tracking in the background, who is using how many credits and we will monitor this, to avoid errors in your application. Also we will activate the credit charging anytime, when we identify some misuse.

Bugs, questions, etc

If there are any questions or you are finding a bug … please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.